Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Are Not Number One

I am fully aware that the Eagles have their faults. I fully understand that the Eagles are not the best, or the #1 team in the NFL right now. But you know what, neither are the NY Giants.

2007, yea the Giants were champs, congratulations you shocked the world. But this is the 2008 season and at this point in the season, the NY Giants are not the best team in football. Stop with the power rankings of placing them #1. Stop with the Giant fans saying a dynasty is on the way. Stop with the chants of being the true Beast of the East.

How about the Giants beat a legit team and then we can talk. 3-0 is the record, and true you can only beat the team lined up against you, but their play to date does not equal best team in football.

The Giants beat a Redskins team when the Skins were breaking in a rookie coach and a QB playing in his first game leading a West Coast style attack. Week #2 saw the now 0-4 Rams hanging with the Giants until mid-way through the 3rd quarter. Week #3 saw the now 0-4 Bengals take the Giants to OT.

Not the performances of a top, clear-cut #1 team. Let's see how the Giants fair this week with a Seahawk team finally getting healthy at the WR position.

So please, enough with the gushing over the Giants. I remember about a month ago a NY baseball team that everyone was anointing as #1 in the East, sure-fire playoff bound...enough said!


justincharlesharlan said...

Not only have they beaten no one, they let the Rams hang, going into the 4th at 20-13... and they didn't take the Bengals until OT.

A W is a W, but these guys better get ready to see some L's comign their way with the way they are playing.

Anonymous said...

They weren't #1 last season.. All matters is to collect enough Ws to make it to postseason.