Sunday, November 30, 2008

If You Didn't Already Know...The Giants are Good!

After manhandling the Eagles a few weeks back, we didn't need to watch today's G-Men / 'Skins game to see how good the Giants are. Unfortunately for the Eagles they are still damn good. Scary good is probably a better description.

Not even Plaxico shooting himself and Antonio Pierce aiding the idiot can derail this team. If the running game is shut down (1st half today), then Eli steps up. When the running gets going (2nd half today) well just forget about it. And who really needs Plaxico when a no-name kid like Domenik Hixon can step in and actually play better.

We all know that the Eagles need to go 4-0 for any shot at the playoffs. Getting the first of those four next week against the G-Men is going to be awfully tough. Anything can happen, and will need to happen for an Eagles victory.

It's sad, to even the playing field next week I am actually cheering for an injury to a key Giants player as the game winds down. Or maybe the league will step-up and suspend Pierce for his role in the shooting. Or maybe the whole situation will distract the Giants during their week of preparation. Hey, an Eagles fan can always wish!

One positive, the Redskins look to be crumbling at just the right time.

My New Favorite Teams...

Not into fantasy football? Not into point spreads? No Eagles to watch this Sunday. Well if you are still thinking Eagles and the playoffs, cheer for these teams...
  • Giants over the Redskins ('Skins would then also have 5 losses)
  • Packers over the Panthers (Panthers, 2nd in the NFC South and would have 4 losses)
  • Buccaneers over the Saints (Have the Bucs with the South, Give the 'Aints their 6th loss)
  • Chargers over the Falcons (Maybe the Chargers can play to their potential, while also handing the Falcons their 5th loss)
  • Chicago vs Vikings (either way one team gets their 6th loss)

Enjoy the scoreboard watching....

The Eagles Repeating 2006?

Go 5-0 and the Eagles can end 2008 with a playoff berth. Unlikely yes, impossible no. At this point only 4 wins to go. It's be done before. 2006 was the year.

In 2006 the Eagles went into Week 12 with a 5-6 record. The Eagles closed out week 17 with a 10-6 record and the NFC East title. The NFC East crown might be out of reach this season, but playoffs, though a long shot, are still a hope.

I am a realist so I understand a lot has to change and bounce the Eagles way this season for a repeat of the 2006 performance. But I am an Eagles fan, so until they are officially eliminated from contention, I believe!

It's eerie how similar the 2008 and 2006 situations are. In 2006 the Eagles entered week 12 coming off an embarrassing 41-25 loss to the Colts. Do I really need to remind anyone of the Eagles week 11 loss to the Ravens this season.

Next up for the 2006 Eagles was an out of division match-up against the Panthers. The Eagles won. The impossible followed on the schedule...three straight road games against NFC East opponents. Well impossible happened. A 3-0 record and then a fourth win at home against the Falcons to close out the regular season. From an afterthought and a guaranteed playoff miss, to playing and winning in January.

The Eagles marched to a playoff berth with a balanced offensive attack and a hot QB. Though the Cardinals game was only 1 game the Eagles used that same formula to thrash the Cardinals.

Like 2006, three of the final games for the Eagles are against NFC East opponents. Two on the road and one at the Linc. Why can't the Eagles earn a series split with their division rivals. Who would of thought a WR was capable of literally shooting himself in the foot?!? It can happen!

Throw in a win against the lowly Browns and 4-0 is achieved. 10-5-1 is the record and that tie ends up being the difference in sneaking into the playoffs.

I admit there is definitely some "bleeding green" in this prediction, but why not hope for the best. What better why to ring in the holidays than with win after Eagles win!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goodbye Considine, Goodbye Sheppard (I Hope)

Was Thursday night a possible glimpse into the Eagles secondary future? No Sean Considine and Lito Sheppard was a back-up to a back-up. Another stupid coaching move by the Eagles? Nope...any time Considine is riding the bench the move is brilliant!

All season we have witnessed Quintin Demps excelling on special teams. The kid is a flat out stud at returning and covering kicks. So I guess the next logical step was to see what Demps could do at safety.

On Thursday night the Eagles did just that by inserting Demps into their dime package. The results yielded nothing spectacular, just steady play. But when the alternative is Considine even steady play is remarkable.

The other change in the secondary was Joselio Hanson moving up past Sheppard on the depth chart. Call me shocked when Hanson was announced as a starter on Thursday. Lito is pretty much screwed now in his quest for a new team and new contract. The man can't even supplant a back-up for the starting nod when Samuel goes down. And the fact that Lito's man scored the 2 TDs Thursday means he could be stuck as the 4th stringer.

And good for Hanson. Unlike Sheppard, there is hunger and passion in his play. "He's a real quiet kid, but he's tough, he's quick and he's very detailed at what he does. He's not the biggest guy in the world, but he plays that way," Andy Reid said of Hanson. No argument with those comments here. And such comments should also mean no comments from Rosenthal and Lito...even better!

There are definitely some nice pieces on the Eagles D to build upon for the future. If nothing else comes of this season at least maybe the Eagles can rid themselves of Considine and maybe even Lito.

Baskett Needs To Impress His Girl

How does one go about impressing a Playboy Playmate? Well if you are a WR in the NFL the obvious first step is to not be on the bottom of the depth chart. Mission accomplished for Hank Baskett.

What a life. An NFL WR. Engaged to Kendra Wilkinson. Now comes the difficult part...not losing the girl. Good luck Hank. Her last boyfriend was Hugh Hefner. Yea it's a tough follow-up, but after Thursday night's performance at least you're headed in the right direction.

Throughout his short career Baskett was known for making the big play. Very nice, but usually after the big play he would then get lost in the Eagles' crowded WR mix. Well not any more. Already this season Baskett has posted career highs in catches, receiving yards, and TDs. Quick somebody get L.J. a playmate!

Moving forward it looks like Baskett has assumed the #2/3 WR role in the Eagles offense. Jackson, Curtis, and Baskett. Not spectacular, but better than any Eagles trio that includes Reggie Brown.

Baskett is not the end all answer at WR for the Eagles, but he does have a niche in this offense. So hopefully Reid and McNabb keep calling his number. The man has a woman to impress!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Deion Sanders Speaks Too Much

Simple and short. Deion Sanders talks too much and is an idiot. Please do not comment on Eagle fans. You are clueless.

And sitting next to McNabb had to be a bit awkward for Sapp (who of course also mentions Philly booing Santa Claus in this clip) after commenting that Donovan's legacy in the league will be "throwing up in the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh and now 'I didn’t know they were ties in the NFL.'"

Hopefully this is the last we see of the NFL Network in Philly for a long time...

No Bashing, Just Eagles Highlights

Even the most loyal and optimistic of Eagle fans understand that yesterday's thrashing of the Cardinals may not be enough to save the 2008 season. There are still some major flaws on this team. Some major changes are still needed in the off-season.

But can we PLEASE go a few days without the Eagles negativity. Let's savor the win. Let's enjoy the succes of the run game and the return of the old McNabb. Unfortunately some local newspapers and talk shows still find the need to bash the Eagles today. Why?!?

Let fans enjoy the opportunity to read the paper, watch the sport shows, and listen to the radio without cringing that Eagles bashing might be coming.

There is a still good chance the Eagles aren't going to make the playoffs this season. Wins like last night might be the highlight of the season. Save the bashing and the negativity for the off-season. Or at least until the next loss.

Let's enjoy this holiday weekend. The Eagles won in dominating fashion with a nearly perfect game. There are so many positives to focus on, so let's focus on them today!

Westbrook Is The Leader

Our leader has returned and I am not talking about last week's benched QB. Last night's performance by Brian Westbrook again shows who the true leader of this Eagles franchise now is. As Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles offense.

The rebound performance by McNabb was nice, the highlight plays by DeSean even nicer. But in the end if the Eagles offense is to be effective and dominant they need Brian Westbrook to be his play making self. Injuries have limited Westbrook's effectiveness all season. As he battled through injury the Eagles offense has struggled mightily.

An offense and running attack lead by Westbrook makes all of his offensive teammates better. Westbrook is a true offensive threat. In a down season he is still ranked #2 in the NFL in scoring TDs. His whereabouts must always be known by the defensive.

With an effective B-West leading the run game passing downs become more manageable and effective. Throwing lanes are opened up for McNabb. McNabb is able to look for the short pass and establish a rhythm, build his confidence. The "home-run" play isn't always needed from the passing game. The play action becomes a weapon. The coverage on the WRs is laxed as an extra man is needed in the box. A broken tackle, a juke, a burst and red zone worries are gone.

Can Westbrook continue to fight off injuries for 4 more games? Any thoughts of a 4-0 record to close out the season need that answer to be yes!

Welcome to the Eagles Bizzaro World

The sign read Lincoln Financial Field. But these weren't my Eagles. The team was wearing black, Joselio Hanson was being announced as a starter, and a real FB was on the active roster. Happy Thanksgiving, welcome to the Bizarro World...a.k.a. the world of Eagle opposites.

The Eagles aren't a running team. The Eagles don't call running plays or a balanced offensive attack. On this night it was a 50 / 50 split in the play calling. 4 players each notched over 20 yards, with Westbrook leading the way with 110 rushing yards. And if that wasn't enough the Eagles actually converted two 3rd and 1 on the ground, buy a local guy named Kyle Eckel.

The Eagles offense starts painfully slow. In bizzaro world the Eagles posted 10 first downs in the 1st quarter and scored 14 points. Donovan was accurate, the run game was the go to option in the play calling, and red zone offense was flawless.

The Eagles can't intercept the ball. In the last 4 games the Eagles had 1 total interception and that was with a healthy Samuel. In the 1st quarter alone the Eagles picked MVP Warner 2 times. Dawkins would later add another (tying the franchise record for career interceptions). Of course our new starter Hanson had one of the picks.

B-West continues to battle injury and the 2007 B-West we loved is shelved until 2009. What was in B-West's turkey? The old, game changer Westbrook was back. 4 Tds and 130 yards from scrimmage. The shakes, the breaking of tackles, and the speed were all there.

And in this bizzaro world the oddities continued all night. 3rd downs were converted with ease, McNabb was accurate, Booker played and was effective, the D held onto a lead, Akers nailed two FGs of at least 40 yards, Reid and DeSean chest bumped, and Kolb only appeared in mop-up duty.

A Thursday night game allowed Reid to showcase his ability to be the best Monday through Saturday coach in the business. Playoff hopes are slim, but still alive. One game at a time...4 games left in this bizarre season.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eagles / Cardinals...Just Curious?

Another prime-time, nationally televised game for our Iggles. Maybe the Eagles will finally win such a game tonight. Could tonight be the beginning of a 5-0 run to the playoffs, or the official end to all playoff talk? Is it door open or door slamming shut?

In case you can't get excited for the game, here's a few things to ponder off the field...
  • Will anyone show up to the game? How many empty seats will there be? I am thinking the ticket scalpers ("I need tickets, Who needs tickets") will be missing from Packer Ave. tonight.
  • Will any fans actually follow the Eagles marketing pitch and wear black to the game tonight? Or will the color of choice be Phillies red or surrender white?
  • Do the Eagles dare announce the Offense during pregame activities and open the possibility of McNabb being booed before his 1st incomplete pass? Or do the Eagles take the safe out and have the Defense and Dawkins introduced?
  • If the Eagles lose tonight, is McNabb relegated to the bench for the remainder of the season? Are will ready to officially user in the Kolb era?
  • If fans do boo the team, how soon before the announcers and national media bring up the other holiday and the booing of Santa Claus?
  • How many people will just eat and drink until they pass out, not wanting to have the Eagles ruin their holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! In the end I will be most thankful when this 2008 season has come to an end and we can start righting the wrongs of this Eagles franchise. 2009 is our year!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucky Lito Sheppard

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Lito Sheppard. Or maybe it's Christmas in November for Sheppard. The news that Samuel will most likely miss tomorrow's game might be bad for the team, but perfect for the me-first Sheppard.

Every now and then Sheppard will slip in a comment about his displeasure with his role, but overall he has played the good soldier. But really does he have any choice? Despite his displeasure he has been unable to supplant Samuel or Brown as a starter. And then when he does get on the field there have been no "wow" plays. Just average play with the occasional gaffe.

One could actually make the argument that Lito is in worse position to demand a trade and new contract this off season than last. In this regard, the Eagles are probably more screwed. Good like getting a first day draft pick now.

But before we go writing off Lito's 2008 season let's see how the Cardinals game plays out. It's a nationally televised game, Lito is again a starter, and Lito has the opportunity to play hero against the #2 ranked passing offense.

One of Lito's trademark big plays could extend our playoff hopes one more game, while also again sparking big money interest in Lito. No doubt, the later is what Lito will be playing for tomorrow night!


Eagles' fans have always yearned for a Thanksgiving home game. Well tomorrow our wish is granted. The tailgating options are endless.

The obvious choice might be the classic Turducken. Always a good selection, but when compared to the new Turbaconducken (Turducken Wrapped in Bacon), well there is no comparison.

Enjoy, but just don't get too full. Gotta have some energy left to let Reid know how much we appreciate him!

Run Donovan!

I have little doubt that history will continue to repeat itself on Thursday and the Eagles run game will be non-existent. Westbrook is hurt, Buckhalter is out, and does anyone trust Klecko or Booker running the ball? So I guess it will again be pass, pass, and pass against the Cardinals?

Well it doesn't have to be. The play might be called in as a pass play, but if the play breaks down and the receivers continue to fail in getting separation, well McNabb should RUN! The threat of McNabb running is what used to separate him from other QBs and make him a top QB. The threat of a run is all but gone and McNabb's ranking as a top QB is following the same path.

These are all must win games. 5-0 is needed for any shot at the playoffs. Donovan wants to be the man again, but is in a slump. What better way to break out of a slump, keep the chains moving, put points on the board, and defy the coach then the QB running?

With an injured B-West, Donovan is the Eagles most explosive offensive weapon, so why not use all his tools?

Only in Dreams - Fitzgerald and Boldin

Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. The mere mention of their names makes this Eagles fan drool! As an Eagles fan we have been taught by Reid that anyone can be plugged into the WR position and be successful. Well I guess the Cardinals have a different definition of success. And it's no surprise that Reid is wrong again!

And whatever Warner was stocking on those grocery shelves, please give some to McNabb and Kolb! To say that the Cardinals passing game is explosive would actually do it an injustice. The passing attack is ranked #2 in the league and carries 3 receivers (Fitzgerald, Boldin and Steve Breaston) ranked among the top 15 in the league.

So can the Eagles D contain the Cardinals passing attack? Well one would think that the Cardinals present a perfect match-up for the Eagles to showcase their star-studded CBs. Remember going into the season the praise that was being piled on Samuel, Sheppard, and Brown? How the trio was the best in the NFL and could rival the all-time-great secondaries of the Eagles?

Has the trio lived up to expectations? Hard to say. Samuel has been good, but not as great as his contract would expect him to be. Brown has been his usual consistent self, but has failed to provide any wow this season. And Sheppard, well I would say that the gaffes out number the highlights this season. Good luck getting that big trade and contract this off-season Lito!

So can they shut down Boldin and Fitzgerald? Containing the pair would probably be a more realistic goal. Will that even be enough to allow the Eagles to win Thursday night?

The Eagles offense has managed 1 TD in the past 2 games. Two TD passes by Warner could realistically doom the Eagles and officially slam the door shut on the 2008 Eagles season.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful For the Eagles?!?

It's the holiday of thanks. If you are an Eagles fan, well it's gonna take some looking to the past to find things to be thankful for. But if you are a Philadelphia sports fan it takes only looking back one month to October.

What awaits the Eagles when they take to the field this Thursday? Reid for one should be thankful that unlike in the NBA, the NFL doesn't announce coaches during pregame introductions. It doesn't take much imagination to think of the reception that would welcome Reid.

If the offense gets the nod during pregame introductions, reminiscing is the key to mustering up some cheers for McNabb.

To put you in that thankful, happy place, think Charles Johnson, James Thrash, and Todd Pinkston. Oh yea, and Freddie too.

Remember how McNabb lead these nobodies to 3 NFC Championship games. Throw in a Super Bowl appearance with T.O. and the past should earn McNabb our cheers. There is no present or future with #5. Just a past, and one hell of a past it was.

McNabb's first incomplete pass should then signal all hell breaking loose in the Linc. I love being a Philly fan!

And if all else fails in bringing out that holiday spirt, just think Phillies. And if you took my advice, you simply look down at the Phillies jersey you are wearing at the Eagles game and it's thanks to the Phillies for making us World F-ing champions.

I Hate to Blame Westbrook

It's not his fault, but it is. It's hard to blame a player who continues to play despite being injured. He was a stud last year, rising to the level of possibly being the top offensive player in the game. I am of course talking about Brian Westbrook.

Sure you could blame the dismal 2008 season on the QBs, the coaching, the make-up of the team. BUT if the Eagles had a healthy B-West this season the Eagles would no doubt be perched high among the top NFC teams. B-West just has (or had) that ability.

All hope could be lost in a game and then BANG there goes Westbrook for 6. The littlest hole in the OL and he would break through. In the open field his moves guaranteed a miss by the first and second would-be tacklers.

Sadly injuries have robbed B-West of his play making skills this season. And with his skills diminished, well there went the offense and any chance the Eagles had of being a competent offensive team.

Just another example of the Eagles just not having enough play makers on offense. When your one and only offensive threat goes down, well your season is screwed! For sake of Kolb and his career, I hope 2009 brings could health for #36.

McNabb's Birthday

Happy 32nd Birthday Donovan! Your Tuesday can only be better than your Sunday. And I am guessing that Reid won't be having a slice of the birthday cake!

Yes it's your Birthday, but how about a Birthday gift for the city...a win over the Cardinals. Please give us a weekend without controversy and without another L.

I wonder if there will be a 33rd birthday for Donovan in Eagles green?!?

There Will Be A Booker Sighting

Even Reid can't rationalize not activating Lorenzo Booker now. While B-West will continue to try and play through injury, Buckhalter will not. It has been announced that Buck will miss Thursday's game against the Cardinals with a sprained medial collateral ligament.

So will we finally get to see Booker produce? To date Booker has been nothing but a waste of a traded 4th round pick. Can't run, can't block, and can't even get himself activated on game day.

Maybe Booker will be able to repeat the ending of his 2007 season. In the season's final 5 games, Booker collected 125 rushing yards (4.5 average) and 237 receiving yards. A repeat performance would be welcomed in the Eagles depleted backfield.

Or maybe we could even witness a repeat of this....

Following Mr. Cunningham

If you needed any further convincing that the 2008 season will be McNabb's last in Philly, Sunday's benching should now have you firmly convinced. Goodbye #5. That feeling of "this is the year" that we enter each season with because McNabb was the manning the QB spot is gone.

Where will McNabb end up next season? At this point it's any one's guess. Will the Eagles be able to trade McNabb? Would they flat out release McNabb since there is only a minimal cap hit? I guess these answers will help determine his landing spot.

One popular belief is that he ends up with Chilly in Minnesota. Seems like a perfect destination to me. McNabb is familiar with the system, the coach, and would have a much needed run came to lean on. Adding a McNabb to the Vikings should signal a trip the playoffs and maybe beyond. Good for #5.

Remember the last time a great Eagles QB ended up in Minnesota? Randall Cunningham joined the Vikings for the '97 season and then in '98 Cunningham was again a Pro Bowler and lead the Vikings to a 15-1 record and an appearance in the NFC Championship. If it weren't for a missed FG, Cunningham would of also made the Super Bowl.

Here's hoping McNabb finds similar success. Just don't go joining the hated Cowboys as your career winds down!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Eagles Fun Is All Gone

We have definitely been spoiled by the Eagles this decade. The old saying, all good things must come to end is now a sad reality for Eagle fans.

I honestly think I could deal with the losing if it was just the losing. Your favorite team can't be on top forever. There are going to be years when your team flat-out stinks. There are going to be rebuilding years when you retool for another extended run for a title. I accept the fact that this season (or two) is a down year. There is always the Phillies, Sixers, or Flyers to take our thoughts and emotions to a happier place.

What I can't stand is the way the Eagles are making this season a circus. It's constant controversy with the Eagles. Last week it was the OT rule nonsense and this week it is the idiotic coaching decisions to bench then reinsert McNabb as the starting QB.

The result of such stupidity is the national and local attention focused on everything negative about the Eagles. Reading the newspaper, surfing the web, watching national and local sports shows is ruined. I now cringe when I see or read an Eagles headline. How are the Eagles going to be ridiculed this time?!?

Even now I am waiting to put the 6pm Sports Center on TV. Maybe by 6:30 the Eagles basing will be finished. And I have still yet to read today's paper.

How truly depressing it is to be an Eagles fan this season. The fun is just ruined.

The Race for a Top-10 Draft Pick

The Eagles aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, but in reality we know they are. Outside of the Andy Reid coaching circus, what else is an Eagles fan to watch for? How about the race for a top-10 draft draft pick?

In most drafts a top-10 pick can contribute immediately to a team. A middle of the round pick gets a little more tricky, their impact uncertain.

If the season ended now, based on record, the Eagles would have the 12th pick in the draft. There are 4 teams (Chargers, Jaguars, Texans, and Browns) that each carry a 4-7 record and hold picks 8 through 11. The Eagles are awfully close!

So that Monday night game against the Browns is shaping up to have huge implications. Even if they are for all the wrong reasons.

Another Idiot Decision

McNabb has been announced as the starter for Thursday's game.

Please explain to me how Reid felt it necessary to bench McNabb at halftime of a three point, must-win game against one of the league's best defenses in favor of a quarterback who'd never started and won't start next week?

Obviously today's decision seems ill-advised, which in the world of Andy Reid, only means that it makes perfect sense. I wonder when and how the news will be relayed to Donovan. Oh wait, this is good news and cowards have no problem sharing such news, so I guess Reid will be the guy!

So not only did Reid lose the trust and confidence of McNabb with Sunday's benching, he now has shown Kolb that the team has zero trust in him to confidently lead the team in any remaining meaningful games this season. When the season is lost and games are meaningless, well then Kolb can go back in. Another wonderful management decision by Reid. Idiot.

The positive of today's announcement (yes there is one)? Thursday is a home game, so hopefully the team has the decency to announce the offensive players at the start. When Donovan's name is announced the city will have one final opportunity to say thank you DIRECTLY to Donovan.

The game itself, does it even matter anymore? The Eagles have become more circus then team at this point.

Turkey, Mashed potatoes, and Corn on the Kolb??!!

By Kevin Trainham: Well, another week has passed and the Eagles have once again fallen. They fell very hard and lost not only the game, but quite possibly the man who has been the face of the franchise for ten years.

Far be it from me to say whether or not it was the right call to bench him, I will however say that Andy Reid's decision making has gone from "huh?" to "WTF?" in a matter of weeks. I never thought I would see the day when Andy would bench Donovan for poor performance, NEVER!

Also, benching him in the most important game of the season for a guy who has no experience whatsoever? An AJ Feeley sighting would have made a lot more sense to me and would have made it a lot easier to go back to McNabb if AJ failed to deliver.

Throwing Kolb in the middle of a three point game against a PUNISHING defense to start the second half is a lot to ask, to say the least. All of this said, now another game on Thursday night(Thanksgiving) and for all intensive purposes your season, you have to either send a bitter and might a say SUPER SENSITIVE number five, or a young, inexperienced number four.

The always enjoyable in the city of brotherly shove quarterback controversy is alive and running! If it were up to me I would go with McNabb and that's coming from one of his biggest critics. If for anything else, out of respect.

Kevin Kolb does a lot of things that Mcnabb just cannot do or refuses to do. Such as, throw to spots, throw into tight coverage, fast release, and will throw the ball away. One thing Kolb has not proven yet though is to be on the winning side of a regular season game as a starter.

McNabb has and at this point with a 5-5-1 record you need to win against Arizona. So as much as I would enjoy some buttered up corn on the Kolb with my Thanksgiving dinner, I believe the best thing would be to give ol Donnie Mc one last shot and hey maybe just maybe RUN THE DAMN BALL!!

Our tribute to D. Mac!!! If your gone we will miss YOU!

Well it looks like the end of the McNabb era has come. We will always have the memories to look back upon. In the end #5 deserves a huge pat on the back and WE WILL ALL MISS YOU!!!

I hope we can see another season with D. Mac, but with an incompetent Reid and the two ghosts of exec's Banner and Lurie, it doesn't look good for Mac. Anyway, we the fans will definitely miss your loyal effort as our leader for the last 10 years! Here is a tribute to you from all of us. With or without you we will always BLEED GREEN for #5!!!

Anyone Seen Lurie Or Banner?

We hear from the players. Unfortunately we continue to hear from the coach. So when do we hear from Banner and Lurie? What is their take on the debacle that we call the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles? For the fans, for the sake of the franchise, comments need to be made.

Instead there is silence from the top two. Maybe Lurie is too busy calculating Sheppard's 2008 YPA? Maybe Banner is too busy counting the millions of dollars that is the teams salary cap space. Or maybe like the rest of us they are shocked and disgusted on how quickly the franchise in unraveling.

Or maybe they see nothing wrong with the current state of the Eagles. The last we heard from Lurie he thought this was "pedal to the metal" and Banner was heard criticizing the philosophy of the 7-4 Dallas Cowboys. So even if they were to speak would their comments be of any value? I doubt it.

If Reid really is their guy where is the vote of confidence? When coaches are struggling usually a team will come out publicly and voice their support for the coach. Reid cannot be feeling too comfortable with this ongoing silence.

In the end maybe Lurie and Banner will actually do the right thing and fire Reid. Their gold standard franchise is in shambles. The Eagles are the laughing stock of the Philadelphia sports community. Maybe they just need extra time to plan the exit strategy. Or maybe, like Reid, they are searching for a lower level employee to break the news directly to Reid.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not a Blackout, But a Redout

Wear your Phillies gear to Thursday's game against the Cardinals.

The need for change is obvious. I would not disagree with seeing both the Reid and McNabb era come to an end. Will it happen? I would definitely put my money on McNabb not returning in 2009. Reid, well that is Mr. Lurie's decision.

Today's game and post game conference should be the final evidence needed for Mr. Lurie to eat the remaining contract money and fire Reid. If not, here's an idea...

Of highest importance to Lurie is the Eagles public appearance and standing. Lurie takes great pride in the Eagles being "top-dog" in the city. Well a nationally televised Thanksgiving game gives us fans the greatest opportunity to show our disgust with the current state of the Eagles.

The Eagles are encouraging all fans to wear black to Thursday's game. The Linc will be a blackout. Instead of blackout how about we all wear our Phillies gear to the game. Show Lurie who the Gold Standard in the city is. Show Lurie that we want and deserve winners.

Make Thursday night a redout. Anyone with me?!?

Goodbye McNabb, You Were The Best

Add the date of November 23, 2008 into the Eagle history books. The McNabb era in Philadelphia has come to an end. Dismal play against the Ravens, which included three more turnovers, turned the inevitable into reality. Still the word shocking only minimizes the reaction of today's benching.

At this point there is no need to play McNabb anymore. Why continue to tarnish the man's legacy by playing him in this horrific offense? The OL can't block, the RBs can't stay healthy, the WRs can't get open, the TEs are nonexistent, and to call the play calling atrocious would actually be a compliment.

The 2008 season was supposed to be McNabb's bounce back year. He was again healthy and a return trip the playoffs was a sure thing. There was even the possibility of a title run, which would in turn guarantee McNabb's return in 2009. How wrong we were.

We all love to pile the hate and criticism on McNabb. Today will be no different. Sure at times the slamming is deserved. But now that history is upon us, McNabb deserves to be remembered for all the great memories and for being the best QB in franchise history. It will be a long time before any Eagles QB is able to match his productivity.

Good luck Mr. Kolb. This mess is now yours.

It Only Gets Worse

It's the start of the game and the camera catches McNabb yawning on the sideline. Is it that Donovan can't get psyched for the game or maybe he is a little tired? No worries, here's an early 32nd birthday present. A nice comfortable seat on the bench to watch a a coaching nightmare.

Donovan got the chance to see what we fans see every Sunday. We have always wondered whether it was the coach or the QB? Now we know, it was the coach who is killed the season.

Donovan carries a lot of fault for today's debacle, but in the end Andy is the man to blame. Even Reid admitted such during his press conference.

At first we thought that the final exclamation point on the season and the Reid era was the Kolb pick in the end zone. If only the big guy was so lucky. Admitting to the public that you didn't personally tell your QBs of the QB switch during halftime (what a coward!), well that should be all that Lurie needs to end this debacle.

There is no more defending Reid. The angry motivational speeches during the week failed. The benching of players failed. The play calling was atrocious and failed. Personal decisions continue to fail. Reid can no longer fall back on past glories, at this point Reid is a coaching failure.

The end result is a lot of suffering for us Eagle fans. It's not even Thanksgiving and the 2008 season is done. For the 3rd time in 4 seasons a Reid coached and assembled team is going to miss the playoffs. There is no ignoring this fact...the Eagles aren't just a bad team, they are a VERY bad team.

The Day The Season Was Saved

I have no good rationale for saying it. The Eagles have shown little to make me believe it. But I honestly believe that the Eagles 2008 season turns around today. The Eagles WILL beat the Ravens.

Reid will actually commit to a run game today. McNabb will have a HUGE rebound game and will make plays with his arm and legs. The Eagles D will make Flacco look like a rookie QB from Delaware.

Gone will be the talk about OT rules, McNabb being a has-been, and the 2008 season being over. 6-4-1 and a Thanksgiving game against a Cardinals team that can't win on the East coast.

1pm today, the season gets back on track! E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Play Action...Touchdown!

Somebody is about a week too late in finding out the obvious. Reid has finally admitted that not involving Buckhalter more last week was a mistake. That's OK. What's one more coaching mistake in a season defined by coaching mistakes?

So instead of establishing a run game against the pathetic run D of the Bengals, Reid is going to supposedly crank up the run game against the NFL's 3rd ranked run D. In the world of Andy it makes perfect sense. Idiot.

Lets' just say I will believe it when I see it. Reid has lost all credibility when it comes to the running game. Even if the run game isn't successful, I hope Reid stays with the running attack. Running will keep the Ravens' D honest and open up the play action or even the trick plays.

Call me silly, but I still believe in this team. I see a few big plays down the field this week against the Ravens. One on a play action to DeSean, the other on a trick, half-back run, flip back to the QB, Donovan hits Curtis deep down the field.

Don't overlook the fact that the Ravens have only one win this year against a team with a winning record. The Eagles (because of the tie) carry a winning record into this game. Eagles 17 Ravens 10

The Maddness of a Reid Press Conference

The man refuses to answer questions. When he does respond it's the same empty answers. His tone is filled with smugness and "I know-it-all." During an Andy Reid press conference is he only talking to the media? No he is also talking to and frustrating us fans.

We fans support the team with unmatched passion. Players come and go, but we fans remain the same. We commit our time and money to the Eagles. There is no waiver with Eagle fans. We boo and criticize because we are knowledgeable, we expect the best from our team.

So when things go wrong we want answers. The fans want to know why things failed and how they are going to be fixed.

Unfortunately with Reid we never get these explanations and answers. This is insulting to the fans. If we are going to give the Eagles are unwavering attention don't we deserve more than the same pointless rhetoric every week? Yes we do!

Reid doesn't have to be Mr. Personality or give away the "team secrets." Just give us something to better understand the team. Stop insulting our intelligence. Simple answers and information would allow Reid to connect with the fan base.

At year 10 I am not sure which is more maddening, the coaching or the press conferences. Let's call it a tie. On the flip side, there is plenty of material for Reid's own series of Coors Light commercials!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Players or The Playcaller

Is it the players or is it the plays being called that are causing the downfall of the Eagles? When looking at the Bengals game, the answer is difficult to determine.

Reid has been heavily criticized this week for calling 60 passing attempts against the Bengals. Yes the number is outrageous, but would people be complaining if McNabb didn't throw 3 interceptions or wasn't so inaccurate? Couldn't some of those passes resulted in points if McNabb was able to accurately hit the receivers or if the receivers were able to catch a McNabb pass?

Would Reid have been able to call more run plays if his OL was able to run block or if B-West wasn't battling an ankle injury? Was the game plan to pass, pass, pass the result of the short comings of the run game against the Giants? You can't put trust into something that doesn't work.

Either way it doesn't excuse the Eagles for their poor performance against the Bengals. But before we go firing the coach or releasing the QB, we need to first figure out who really is to blame here.

Is it the system or is it the players executing the plays? Funny, either way Reid is to blame. We just don't know if GM Reid or Coach Reid is at fault. 6 more games to figure this out. Hopefully Lurie is paying attention!

Garcia: An Oldie, But Still A Goodie

Right now McNabb is not a fan favorite. Either his on the field play against the Bengals or his post game OT comments are what have us ticked.

Even if McNabb leads the Eagles to a W against the Ravens, some fans might still be ready to close the door on the McNabb era. It’s time to usher in the Kolb era. It’s time to finally see what the young kid has. But are we truly ready for the suffering that will engulf the franchise if Kolb is another Houston bust? How about a little security at the QB position…and I am not referring to A.J.

How about a return of fan favorite, Eagles hero Jeff Garcia? Makes sense to me. Garcia’s contract with the Bucs runs up after this season. The Bucs were hesitant to give Garcia a new contract before this season, now that he is a year old why would there be a change in their thinking? It’s not as if Garcia is fond of Gruden or was treated well by the Bucs.

The Eagles situation with Kolb would be ideal for the Eagles, Reid, and Garcia. The Eagles need a proven veteran at the QB position, one that if needed can lead the team to victories. If Reid returns next year he can not afford to watch Kolb crumble, he needs wins to save his own hide. Garcia, who would prefer a starting QB job, must come to the realization that at his age, the pickings are going to be slim. Why not then take a job as a back-up, with a team and system you are familiar with, that within a few games could lead to a starting spot.

If McNabb returns this idea is all for naught. But I just have a feeling that McNabb is going to be unfairly made the scapegoat for the 2008 season. If such a scenario arises I feel a lot more comfortable with Kolb and Garcia then Kolb and Feeley!

Underdog Mentality

Maybe the Eagles will do better as the underdogs. It appears that the once mighty and crowded Eagles bandwagon has crashed. Jumping fans and media are everywhere. Maybe without the pressure the Eagles can live up to expectations.

Prior the to season a lot of people had the Ravens game circled as a win. The Ravens were supposed to have an aging defense. The offense was being lead by a rookie QB from Delaware. The team was being run by a rookie coach who never even held a lead coordinator position. Despite being a road game all signs pointed to an easy Eagles victory. 12 weeks later, my how things have changed.

What's the key to betting the Ravens? The obvious answer is to follow the blueprint of the G-Men. I know, easier said then done.

The obvious keys on defense...shut down the run and pressure Flacco into making mistakes. Last week against the Giants the Raven RBs were limited to 64 yards and Flacco threw 2 interceptions. It can be done. The Eagles are the NFL leaders in QB sacks (36) and are also in the top 3rd in stopping the run.

The Eagles offense, well they need balance and to limit turnovers. Please Andy, run the ball. If B-West isn't healthy run Buck, make B-West the sub. The Eagles cannot go into this game with another unbalanced attack that relies to heavily on the pass.

The Ravens pass defense enters the game tied for second in the NFL in interceptions with 15 and ranked third in yards allowed.

In the Eagles' 5 victories, McNabb has thrown 8 TDs and 3 interceptions and been sacked 6 times. In the Eagles' 4 losses and 1 tie, McNabb has thrown 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and been sacked 9 times.

And with the Eagles you also have to wonder how successful the Eagles offense can be if the lowly Bengal defenders knew what plays were coming from the Eagles. Just think what could happen with a top ranked D and a coach who use to coach for the Eagles. Yikes!

Can the Eagles win, sure they can. Is it too late to revive the Eagles buzz, not yet. One game at a time. One win at a time. The Eagles need to win. Desperation can lead to pretty amazing things.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Careful What We Wish For

The cries are everywhere. Reid must go. Reid is an idiot. The fat guy can't do anything right. Such opinions are usually followed by the wish to replace Reid with the likes of Steve Spagnuolo or Bill Cowher. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just be careful what you wish for.

Right now Spagnuolo is a hot commodity. He resume is smoking. He lead a defense to the Super Bowl and then minus some major stars he is again leading a top ranked defense this season. Everyone wants him. The calls will be many this off-season for Spags. I can't argue against him being a good selection for the next Eagles coach. I would actually welcome it.

Bill Cowher is another story. Yes he did win a Super Bowl, but if you look closer at his career you will see results that are similar to Big Red. In Cowher's first six seasons the Steelers made the playoffs six times. After those 6 years, Cowher went on to miss the playoffs 4 of the next 6 seasons. It wasn't until year 14 that he was able to capture the Lombardi.

Such fluctuation in the win column reminds me of one Andy Reid. You can't win every year. There are highs and lows in a coaching career. Right now Reid is on a extreme low, on his way to missing the playoffs for the third time in 4 years. Is there a Super Bowl in Reid's future? Who honestly knows. Maybe Reid too needs an extra 4 years.

I am not here to argue that Reid needs to stay. My opinion is that Reid has taken the Eagles as far as he can and now he is only digressing. But to be fair, in comparison Reid is no better or worse than the heavily praised Cowher.

The 2009 Draft

I just know it. It's going to be a repeat of the 2007 season with these Eagles. The team is going to fall out of playoff contention and then with 3-4 games remaining the Eagles will finish the season with a BANG! I can see 8-8 all over again.

Remember the 3-1 finish last season. The hot finish was supposed to carry over into the 2008 season, bring the team confidence, and make us all believers that the team was headed back to the top. Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

The end result of the strong finish was a middle of the pack first round draft pick (which of course the Eagles traded). Instead of a possible top-ten pick where impact players are a plenty, we got nothing in the first round.

A similar situation shouldn't have been a problem this year because the Eagles have two 1st rounders. The Eagles were counting on a strong season for themselves (because of their 3-1 finish to 2007) and another lousy season by the Panthers. Just our dumb luck, the Panthers currently boast the second best record in the NFC.

So in order to cash in big-time on one of the two 1st rounders, the Eagles have to be the team with the crap season.

Like clock work, our Eagles fan luck will no doubt strike again. The Eagles will finish strong when there is nothing left to play for. The Eagles will then miss out on a top-10 impact player, instead having to gamble on middle and end 1st rounders.

So my prediction for the season...8-8, 2 crappy first round selections, and an off-season filled with empty comments about how the team has momentum to make a title run in 2009.

Can Reid Do It?

I remember writing after the Falcons game about how much I loved the passion and fire that Reid showed after the referees called an idiotic penalty against Trent Cole for roughing the passer. It was the first time that I witnessed Reid showing some real emotion. No smugness, no typical cocky Reid, just pure intensity, and the fans loved it. He was one of us.

Today it was reported that Reid had a pair of intense meetings with his players to assure that the players' focus was still on the season and not on the off-field circus. Reid's meeting was then followed by a players meeting called by Dawkins. There is no one better than Dawk to second your message!

The question now is, is Reid still able to unify his team? Is the big guy able to provide the spark to motivate his players or has his voice and messages become stale in the locker room? Or like calling an effective game plan or building a dominate roster, has Reid also lost this ability?

If the Big Guy can no longer motivate his team, what reasons are there to keep him as coach? What have we seen since 2004 that warrants keeping a coach that is on his way to missing the playoffs for the 3rd time in the past 4 seasons. Nothing.

Here's hoping that Reid's message get across to his players. Otherwise hello 5-5-1.

One Fan's Wish List

The 2008 season wasn't supposed to be like the 2007 season. We were promised a title, instead the Eagles are fighting just to get to another 8-8 record. To avoid the 2009 season being like the 2008 season, here's one fans' thoughts on how to improve our Iggles...

  1. It won't happen but Reid has to go. The Eagles need to hire a GM and a coach. The coach should be defensive minded. Please just hire Spagnuolo. This game, like every game, is defense first.
  2. Trade or let McNabb go. He is physically and mentally regressing. Usher in Kolb, but grab a veteran backup other than Feeley.
  3. See if there is a market for Westbrook. There is still talent there, but he is too injury prone. If they keep B-West they need a complimentary big back for 10 carries a game and short yardage situations.
  4. Finally admit that drafting Reggie Brown was a mistake. Trade the clown.
  5. Bye, bye L.J., welcome to your new starting position Celek. To compliment Celek bring in a TE who does nothing but block to make him a factor in establishing a run game.
  6. Get a FB who is a FB. So simple.
  7. Bring in competition to challenge Akers and Rocca. Their jobs should not be guaranteed.
  8. Thank Tra Thomas for his many years of service and say goodbye. Maybe move Herremans to LT, but address the mess that is this O line with draft picks. Have someone who isn't Reid picking them and someone who isn't Castillo coaching them.
  9. Dawkins retires. Get younger and faster at Safety with a guy who can cover someone faster than me.
  10. Bid Lito farewell. He looks very soft to me, like he is playing half speed on purpose. Reid should have taken care of this mess this past off season.
  11. Get a fat guy to man the DT spot. They get pushed around too much up front.

Is this really to much to ask?!?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Could All Use a Good Chest Bump

A tie against the lowly Bengals, whacked-out play calling, players not knowing the rules of OT, and coaches yelling at players. It's been quite a week. The ultimate cure-all would be a victory over the Ravens, but in the short-term, how about a nice chest bump....

Not All The Fault of McNabb

Can we please end the conversation about McNabb's comments on not knowing the rules of a tie game. McNabb acknowledged today that he has no regrets over making the comments and if nothing else, everyone in the league is now fully aware of the rule. Issue closed.

The post-game comments had no affect on the outcome of the game. The coaching staff was aware of the OT rules and was calling the plays into #5. McNabb then carried out the plays, as evidenced by the Hail Mary Pass.

And can we also please stop blaming the entire 2008 season on McNabb?
  • Did McNabb cause the front 7 of the D to allow 200+ rushing yards against the Giants?
  • Did McNabb cause the DBs to blow coverages in the Cowboys game?
  • Did McNabb cause the OL to not be able to open a hole for one lousy yard against Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Cinncinnati?
  • Did McNabb cause the WRs to be at the top of the NFL in dropped balls or be unable generate separation?
  • Did McNabb prevent the TEs from collectively having only one quality game this year?
  • Did McNabb cause the coaching staff to forget how to coach and play call this season?
  • Did McNabb cause the Front Office / GM to enter the season with a roster full of holes?

The answer is no. McNabb was not at fault for these things. And McNabb's tie comments were most certainly not at fault.

Don't get me wrong, McNabb is a part of this mess, but he is not the whole mess as others are trying to make us believe. Time to move on. Ravens this Sunday!

And You Thought A Tie Was Pointless

In the end a tie is not a loss. The tie with the Bengals gave the Eagles a record of 5-4-1. Despite our unhappiness with the team, the record is still defined as a winning record.

And with a winning record comes an interesting statistic when playing the Baltimore Ravens...

- From the Carroll County Times: The Ravens have averaged 102.4 yards per contest against teams with winning records, including a season-low 51 yards on 19 carries for a 2.7 average per carry in a 31-3 loss to the Indianapolis Colts (6-4), 132 yards and a 3.5 average in a 13-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans (10-0) and 103 yards and a 3.1 average in a 23-20 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3). Conversely, the Ravens have averaged 185.4 yards against teams with losing records.

Does this paper stat mean anything come Sunday? Who really knows, but at this point I'll take anything to build-up confidence in our Eagles.

Too Predictable...True or False!!!

Well I've been trying to figure out how to evaluate the Eagles/Cincy debacle, and I came to one (out of many) conclusion. Our offense is way too predictable.

I have been an Eagles fan since I was born and never have I been able to predict our plays as much as the Eagles/Cincy game. It was ridiculous!

People can say it was Donovan's low completion percentage, Westbrook's inability to make the Big play, too much playaction, etc. However, there is no way in any football or sports game, that a fan should be able to predict every single audible, play action pass, etc.

I mean if we the fans know what Reid and the Iggles next move is, then just imagine what the opposing D is thinking! It's just ridiculous! It seems Reid and the offense are beginning to see this as well, thus the abundance of trickery on Sunday. Unfortunately the tricks were no treat, proving to be only tricky to the Eagles.

So is our offense too predictable? Can we produce the "The Big Play" in the coming weeks? Who better to answer the question that a former coach boasting one of the leagues top defenses. I am scared for this offense come Sunday!

Rallying Cry

Calling all Eagle Fans. Give the team one more game. Put your hate for Reid, put your disgust with McNabb aside for one more game. Don't give up just yet.

Look at it this reality the Eagles have a better chance of winning this Sunday then Reid being fired after the season. We might as well put our passion towards something that can actually happen.

I understand that playoff wishes are probably far fetched reality at this point, but why give up when the Eagles are only 1/2 game out of the last spot and still control their own destiny. What happens if the Eagles go down to Baltimore and whip up on the Ravens Sunday? Don't lie, there will be excitement again for the Eagles. One win at a time.

Despite our hatred with the team right now we are all still going to watch on Sunday. We love the Eagles. They are an addictive habit. We need them on Fall Sundays. They need us fans on Sundays.

Just one more game. The performance of the Eagles to date doesn't warrant such faith, but Game 11 is just too early to pack it in. It's football, anything can happen.

But if they lose, then I agree, time to blow this thing up. No one is safe in the rebuilding process. Another year without the playoffs is unacceptable to this fan base. Just no rebuilding before November 23.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eagles Lose YouTube Sensation

Pick number 203 of the 2008 draft (6th round) is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle. Some may better know pick number 203 as Mr. YouTube sensation. Others may simply know him as Andy Studebaker.

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed Studebaker off of the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. Studebaker will make his Chiefs debut Sunday at home versus Buffalo.

Speaking of LBs, anyone see Joe Mays lately?

In honor of Studebaker...

*Thanks to the beautiful and talented Joann Klinkner for the new Bleed Eagles Green banner. Need graphic / logo designs, shoot her an email*

The Sixers Model Is the Eagles Answer

I see McNabb, Reid, and the Eagles and I instantly think Allen Iverson, Billy King, and the Sixers. This could be a confusing analogy, but here's my logic...

A.I. took to the Sixers to the finals. The Sixers were one of the hottest tickets in the city. Following the Finals appearance, the performance of the Sixers and AI began to decline. The team managed to remain a playoff caliber team, just no longer a championship contender. They would bring in a marque FA (Chris Webber, Glen Robinson) hoping to appease the fan base and bring one last title run. It always failed.

Finally the Sixers realized the error of their ways. The franchise was doomed until changes were made. The star, Iverson, was traded. The GM, King, was fired. The initial result was a lot empty seats down at the Wachovia Center and a season and a half of mediocrity. But the bad times didn't last long.

The Sixers came together at the mid-point of last season and made a playoff appearance with their young nucleus. Fast forward to the 2008 season, the team remains headed in the right direction and title hopes are more a reality than a dream.

Kinda sounds like our Eagles.

Since the Eagles Super Bowl appearance the franchise has struggled to stay above .500 (currently 1 game over) and to just qualify for the playoffs (1 appearance). Free agents have been brought in (Howard, Curtis, Samuel) but the end result is the same. The team is mediocre at best and a Super Bowl title is a distant dream.

The solution? Follow the Sixers model. Trade McNabb (the star) and remove the GM position from Reid (Lurie won't all out fire Reid). It's time to rebuild. There is still some veteran talent on the roseter (B-West equals Andre Miller) and a nice young nucleus (front 7 on D, Desean) on which to build upon. Fans would be willing to rebuild for a year or two if the trade off is another strong 4-5 year championship run. Hell, we are starting to become accustomed to missing the playoffs now anyway.

Just my idea. The blueprint is already there to follow. The Eagles just need to take the first step and admit the error of their current ways.

I've Found Dawkins Heir Apparent

Worst Drinking Game Ever...

From a reader's email...Knowing the weather conditions, the ranking of the Bengals pass and rush D, and McNabb's accuracy (following the 1st quarter of course), I devised a drinking game with my buddy. For each incomplete pass thrown by McNabb we would drink. 5 seconds (to honor #5) for an incomplete pass, 10 seconds for an interception.

Bad idea! After 30 incomplete passes and 3 interceptions, let's just say that Mr. Toilet was my best bud on Sunday night and waking up for work on Monday was a struggle.

When I saw the final box score of 58 pass attempts I thought my eyes were lying to me because of my current drinking state. It was no lie, 58 passes Andy?!?

Just Blame Marty...

Maybe McNabb should seek out the advice of his Offensive Coordinator on how to deal with an OT blunder. Or maybe it was Marty who was teaching the rules of OT to McNabb.

Whenever you are feeling down Eagle Fans, just think Detroit Lions. It's always so much worse in Detroit.

Flashback to November 25, 2002. The Lions were playing the Bears and the game goes into OT. The Lions win the coin toss and coach Marty Mornhinweg elects to punt, citing the wind factor. What?!? Chicago converts the opening drive into 3 points and wins the game. On that game winning drive Marty also provided the Bears with an extra down after accepting a 3rd down penalty. Idiot!

Marty's decision to take the wind and kick-off made him a national joke. Marty was ridiculed by players, fans, and the media. After the season Marty was fired.

Marty's situation sounds all too familiar to what transpired on Sunday. This time it was an idiot comment by McNabb about not knowing games could end in a tie (has the man never looked at the standings in a newspaper, what did he think the T stood for?). Now McNabb is the national joke. And after this season (unfortunately) McNabb too will be looking for a new home.

So Donovan, my advice, just blame it on Marty. Everything already thinks he's an idiot.