Monday, November 3, 2008

The #1 Option is Obvious

Because of injuries and the subsequent constant reshuffling at the WR position it was hard to know just who the number #1 WR in this Eagles offense is and would be. After watching yesterday's game the answer is now pretty obvious...Kevin Curtis.

Labeling Curtis as the #1 takes nothing away from the season that DeSean Jackson is having. Jackson allowed the Eagles to remain a pass happy offense in the absence of Curtis and even Brown. But now that Curtis is back, and back healthy, he is ready and will eat up at large number of the receptions and yards from McNabb.

Such a revelation isn't surprising. Curtis was as stud WR for the Eagles last year, despite it being his first year in the Eagles offense. The Eagles and their fans expected even bigger things this year. The complexities of the Eagles would be known and there would be an established comfort level with McNabb. Then came the sports hernia injury.

We saw initial flashes of Curtis again being the "man" during the Falcons game, but since it was game #1 after the injury there was still rust. Yesterday the rust was gone and McNabb was firing to Curtis throughout the game. Curtis finished the game with 6 catches for 83 yards. Without McNabb's initial wildness the reception total would probably of been closer to 10. The Eagles other WRs yesterday had 6 catches combined.

Now the peeking order at WR is established. Curtis is the #1, Jackson is #2, and the others are more than adequate complimentary receivers. Now the question is who deserves the #1 TE spot, Celek or Smith?

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