Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2009 Could Be Worse

Less than one game, .5 to be exact. That's how far the Eagles are removed from the playoffs right now. Thinking playoffs with this 2008 squad is probably ridiculous. But the flip side is thinking about what lies ahead for the Eagles franchise. It could be a long time before the Eagles are this close to playoff contention again.

Think Kansas City Chiefs of 2008. A veteran coach, a young defense, a stud RB getting old, and a QB position looking to be solidified. Sounds like a glimpse into the future for the Eagles of 2009.

We are all in agreement that changes need to be made to the Eagles. Maybe even a total blow-up of the team. At this point most have come to the realization that McNabb is gone after this season.

Does anyone honestly trust Kevin Kolb to step in and win immediately? With little or no regular season experience it's a crap shoot a best with #4. Even if he is going to be great it's gonna take some time to learn the NFL, read the D, and make the correct decisions. There goes the 2009 season.

The only possible answer is to squash any remaining playoff whispers this season with a loss to the Ravens and the Cardinals. Then the Eagles have to play Kolb the final 4 weeks. They have to see what they have. Is he a bust or is there something there to build upon? Week 1 of the 2009 season is too late.

If Kolb struggles, well you then have the off-season to bring in some competition or a replacement. Maybe a Derek Anderson can be had? Who isn't an upgrade over the option of Feeley?

So as much as the 2008 season sucks, let's not be so quick to squash all hopes. Once those hopes are squashed it could be a while before the Eagles again think playoffs. Very depressing.

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