Thursday, November 20, 2008

The 2009 Draft

I just know it. It's going to be a repeat of the 2007 season with these Eagles. The team is going to fall out of playoff contention and then with 3-4 games remaining the Eagles will finish the season with a BANG! I can see 8-8 all over again.

Remember the 3-1 finish last season. The hot finish was supposed to carry over into the 2008 season, bring the team confidence, and make us all believers that the team was headed back to the top. Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

The end result of the strong finish was a middle of the pack first round draft pick (which of course the Eagles traded). Instead of a possible top-ten pick where impact players are a plenty, we got nothing in the first round.

A similar situation shouldn't have been a problem this year because the Eagles have two 1st rounders. The Eagles were counting on a strong season for themselves (because of their 3-1 finish to 2007) and another lousy season by the Panthers. Just our dumb luck, the Panthers currently boast the second best record in the NFC.

So in order to cash in big-time on one of the two 1st rounders, the Eagles have to be the team with the crap season.

Like clock work, our Eagles fan luck will no doubt strike again. The Eagles will finish strong when there is nothing left to play for. The Eagles will then miss out on a top-10 impact player, instead having to gamble on middle and end 1st rounders.

So my prediction for the season...8-8, 2 crappy first round selections, and an off-season filled with empty comments about how the team has momentum to make a title run in 2009.

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colonel said...

But then what would Andy do with a top first round pick......probably just trade it away!