Monday, November 17, 2008

The 2009 Philadelphia Eagles

Fast forward to 2009, and no I am not taking about the opening wild card weekend for this season. The opinion of the masses this morning, following yesterday's tie, is that it's time to blow this team up. Specifically it's time to retool this offense. The D, though inconsistent, should just need some minor tinkering.

So just how will the 2009 Eagles offense look? Here's one fan's opinion of who will be sticking around on offense from this year's 53 man roster...
  • QB: Kevin Kolb, A.J. Feeley (Sadly I think Reid stays, while McNabb goes)
  • RB: Westbrook (you have to hope the 2008 season is a mirage for B-West)
  • FB: The search continues
  • WR: Curits, Jackson, Baskett, Avant (Goodbye Lewis. Goodbye Clown)
  • OL: Andrews, Runyan, McGlynn,Herremans, Jackson, Cole (Thank you Tra)
  • TE: Celek (I hope you saved those millions L.J.)


colonel said...

It's a shame if you are right...about Reid staying, because he has not shown any great ability to pick personnel, which means we are going to be in for a long, sad, series of seasons.

Anonymous said...

mormons wear magic undies. Maybe Reid lost his at the SB against patriots?