Friday, November 14, 2008

The 2nd Place Eagles

Come Monday morning, the Eagles will be sitting in 2nd place of the NFC East. Yep, time to finally move past the Giants game and pick up that refreshing glass of the green Kool-Aid.

The Eagles will be 6-4 after beating the Bengals, the Cowboys will knock off a 'Skins team minus Portis, and the three teams will each sit at 6-4. And to show you that I am a realist...I have already conceded the division to the G-Men.

After the Giants game, the cure for the Eagles D is going up against the Bengals. Calling the Bengals offense (without Palmer) pathetic might actually be a compliment. Just look...

- Ranked 31st in points scored per game
- Ranked 32nd in yards per game
- Ranked 30th in both passing and rushing yards per game

It's true that the Bengals have some stud WRs, but without a QB to get them the ball or a RB to keep the defense honest, those WRs become wasted. Sorry Chad, no TD celebrations this weekend. The only thing Chad will be looking forward to is an end of game hug from his best bud Donovan. Oh yea, the Bengals TEs combined have less than 200 receiving yards for the year!

The Eagles offensive might have a bit more trouble, but not much. And maybe the cure for Reid's fear of running the ball is the Bengals. The Bengals D is 10th best in passing yards per game, but a lousy 25th in rushing yards per game (Dhani Jones is their starting LB). Watch B-West become healthy real quick on Sunday.

Some other signs a 6-4 record is around the corner:

- The Bengals have lost their last 4 games following a bye week
- As GCobb points out, the last time the Eagles D was shredded for 200+ rushing yards was against the Colts in 2006. Following that game the Eagles marched themselves to a playoff berth.

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