Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Idiot Decision

McNabb has been announced as the starter for Thursday's game.

Please explain to me how Reid felt it necessary to bench McNabb at halftime of a three point, must-win game against one of the league's best defenses in favor of a quarterback who'd never started and won't start next week?

Obviously today's decision seems ill-advised, which in the world of Andy Reid, only means that it makes perfect sense. I wonder when and how the news will be relayed to Donovan. Oh wait, this is good news and cowards have no problem sharing such news, so I guess Reid will be the guy!

So not only did Reid lose the trust and confidence of McNabb with Sunday's benching, he now has shown Kolb that the team has zero trust in him to confidently lead the team in any remaining meaningful games this season. When the season is lost and games are meaningless, well then Kolb can go back in. Another wonderful management decision by Reid. Idiot.

The positive of today's announcement (yes there is one)? Thursday is a home game, so hopefully the team has the decency to announce the offensive players at the start. When Donovan's name is announced the city will have one final opportunity to say thank you DIRECTLY to Donovan.

The game itself, does it even matter anymore? The Eagles have become more circus then team at this point.


colonel said...

Well, first of all, what did you really expect from Reid? He's just out to save his butt. If Kolb had come through and won the game yesterday, it would have been McNabb who Reid called the "other quarter back", and Kolb would be his boy going forward. (Check out the press conference, and notice how many time Reid called McNabb and Kolb by name. Most of the time he talked about "Donovan" or "McNabb" and "the other quarter back". How quickly we can forget!) If McNabb has another bad game against Arizona, watch how quickly he's pulled again and is no longer the quarter back.

As far as giving McNabb a good send off, I would vote to NOT introduce any of the team by name, considering the way everybody has been playing, and the overall mood of the Philly fans. I fully expect for Reid to be booed when he walks on to the field. Donovan will also get booed at his first mistake. Donovan fans can only hope that he plays a perfect game, and gets an ovation at the end.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are going to be more than boos all around!!!!?????