Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Team To Worry About?

I was guilty of it. I was already looking past the Cowboys as a team that wouldn't make the playoffs and wouldn't get in the way of the Eagles attempts to secure a playoff spot. Despite the return of Romo, I just feel there are too many chemistry issues and not enough leadership in the locker room or in the coaching ranks to guide them to a 10 or 11 win season.

According to Jerry Jones I might be a little to anxious to write off the Cowboys and their playoff hopes. Jones came out yesterday stating that when January rolls around his 'Boys WILL be playing.

So what's one more team to worry about in the Eagles fight to make the playoffs. I always had the feeling that the December 28 game at the Linc was going to have playoff implications. Why not have the Eagles be the ones to shut the trap of Jones and T.O. for good? I can think of no better Christmas present for this Eagles fan.

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