Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anyone Else Maybe Worrying?

It could be a minor point, but to beat the Giants on Sunday, there can be no minor miscues...perfection will be needed to post a 4th straight W. These aren't the lowly Seahawks or the overrated Falcons taking the field. The G-Men are 7-1, and oh yea, the World F-ing Champions.

We have already heard and will unfortunately continue to hear the need for the offense to get going from the get go, how the D will have their hands full against a team that can both run and pass, and how Akers needs to continue to win our trust back.

What we might not hear, but should hear is the need for DeSean to be more careful on punt returns. Two weeks ago we saw him running backwards, this past weekend we saw a fumble (thankfully out-of-bounds). You can't have these type of mistakes against an elite opponent. You gotta win the field position battle, you gotta win the turnover battle.

Do we have to take the good with the bad, when the good could be a return for 6 points? I hope not. I am not saying that DeSean needs to go all Reno on us, just maybe take the consistency of Reno, combined with the flashiness that makes DeSean, well DeSean.

Could special teams be the difference this weekend? NFC East battles are usually close. Could DeSean have his own B-West moment...why not! Just no G-Lewis moments back there!

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