Monday, November 24, 2008

Anyone Seen Lurie Or Banner?

We hear from the players. Unfortunately we continue to hear from the coach. So when do we hear from Banner and Lurie? What is their take on the debacle that we call the 2008 Philadelphia Eagles? For the fans, for the sake of the franchise, comments need to be made.

Instead there is silence from the top two. Maybe Lurie is too busy calculating Sheppard's 2008 YPA? Maybe Banner is too busy counting the millions of dollars that is the teams salary cap space. Or maybe like the rest of us they are shocked and disgusted on how quickly the franchise in unraveling.

Or maybe they see nothing wrong with the current state of the Eagles. The last we heard from Lurie he thought this was "pedal to the metal" and Banner was heard criticizing the philosophy of the 7-4 Dallas Cowboys. So even if they were to speak would their comments be of any value? I doubt it.

If Reid really is their guy where is the vote of confidence? When coaches are struggling usually a team will come out publicly and voice their support for the coach. Reid cannot be feeling too comfortable with this ongoing silence.

In the end maybe Lurie and Banner will actually do the right thing and fire Reid. Their gold standard franchise is in shambles. The Eagles are the laughing stock of the Philadelphia sports community. Maybe they just need extra time to plan the exit strategy. Or maybe, like Reid, they are searching for a lower level employee to break the news directly to Reid.

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colonel said...

Hopefully they will be listening to Andy's press conference this afternoon as he tries to explain another terrible performance by him and his team and tells everybody that it's all his fault....which it is!

The way I see it now, the BEST the Eagles can hope to finish this year is 7 - 8 - 1. Playing the way they have been, I don't see them beating the Giants, Redskins or Dallas. Maybe, just maybe, they can beat Arizona and the Browns, but they are not sure things either.

Mr. Lurie, maybe you should get your driver ready to have him go over and break the news to Andy!