Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are They Really A Playoff Team?

With a 5-4 record do we really believe that the Eagles are a playoff caliber team this year? Or more importantly, if a playoff berth is clinched will it be one and done? I hope not, but the numbers paint a very bleak picture for us die-hards.

I stumbled across the below stat today:
- The Eagles 5 victories have come against teams with a combined 18-26 record
- The Eagles 4 losses have come against teams with a combined 24-12 record

What can we take from such numbers? Do the Eagles crumble when facing the elite competition? The Steelers game would say no, but the other games would scream YES!

Or do the numbers prove what some fans have thought all along, that the Eagles are just good enough to remain competitive, but not good enough to be great? Being just competitive keeps the season ticket waiting list at 50,000+ and Mr. Lurie very wealthy.

Being just competitive drives us fans bonkers as we continue to entertain thoughts that this year is THE YEAR for the Eagles, only to suffer disappointment season after season. Thank god for the Phillies!

*And can anyone explain how Tank Daniels and Greg Lewis still have jobs this week? Come on Andy make a statement, show us that such crap and stupidity will not be tolerated this season!


Anonymous said...

great pick-up that Tank. Reid's a jack-ass

Anonymous said...

Lewis should of been cut long ago. Nice Stats, kind of depressing!