Friday, November 7, 2008

Banned From The Linc

Memo to all security on the look out for 6'6", 320 pound player, who thinks he is a Tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. He goes by the name of Winston Jutice...a.k.a. Osi Umenyiora's play-toy.

Justice is not allowed anywhere near the stadium on Saturday. He is not to be given a uniform, a helmet, pads...nothing! He is to sit his draft-bust ass at home on the couch like the rest of us. Not even a seat in the stands is allowed for this guy. The life of McNabb is at stake here.

And also, please make sure special attention is given to the health of Thomas and Runyan these next few days. Nothing can happen to these guys. Yea there is no Osi this year, but there is still that Tuck fella.

Reid, we the fans are begging you, please inactivate Justice this Sunday!


Gary Knight said...

Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

you might see his ass on the field again after Gmen decide to stop running the score up and pull staters off the field. He is active for the game..