Monday, November 10, 2008

Batteries Not Included

Check the local newspaper ad. 5 bucks, ear buds included, batteries sold separately. I am of course talking about your old, run of the mill, AM / FM walkman. And I think someone should buy Andy Reid one. Or maybe Reid can cash in on Rite Aid's sponsorship of the team and get one for free.

The next time that Reid is unsure of when to use the red challenge flag he can simply power on the walkman and the answer is there. AM broadcast not coming in too clear, no problem the game is also on FM. It couldn't be easier for the big guy.

It's obvious the big fancy head-set isn't working. It's obvious that whoever is telling Reid when to challenge a play is clueless. But thankfully there is Merrill Reese and Mike Quick. When I am at the game and there is a questionable call I just look over to my dad (who is listening to the broadcast) and ask what Merrill is saying. And no surprise, Merrill is usually spot on.

But such an option would never fly with the big guy. It would involve Reid admitting that he isn't the God of the NFL, isn't Mr. Know-It-All. Is there even a guy upstairs telling Reid when to use the red flag? If there is , shouldn't that guy be fired by now? Oh wait, that would involve someone in the organization being held accountable for their ineptness and we all know that doesn't happen with the Eagles.

Don't like the radio idea, how about phone a friend? There were about 40,000 of us at the Linc last night just waiting to lend a helping hand.

Oh well, I think I will go put on my Phillies World Series Championship T-Shirt to cheer myself up!

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Gary Knight said...

I was thinking the same thing: nobody's gonna get fired for that. That was pretty bad.

Amazing how this really is a game of inches (the overturned penalty on Manning, the strip at the goal line). Hopefully we get the breaks the rest of the season.