Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bengal Fans Taking It To The Extreme

Some people may think we complain about Reid, Banner, and Lurie a little too much. We fans need to show more love and appreciation for the trio. To those people...a few posts, a few polls, a few radio station calls is nothing compared to what is going on out in Cincinnati.

A group of Bengals fans have rented space on four billboards around Cincinnati to plead with the team to make changes to the managerial structure. One of them reads “Dear Bengals, Hire a general manager. Love, your fans.” There is even a website for donations .

True the Eagles aren't even close to the level of ineptness that surrounds the Bengals, but I don't see Philly fans ever going to this level. It's always more fun to come up with some new fat jokes or penny pinching comparisons.

Reid and Banner are going to come back from this road trip feeling very appreciated!


colonel said...

Most people don't remember, but toward the end of Joe Kuharich's time as Eagles Head Coach (1964 - 1968), there would be banners all over Franklin Field on game day: "Joe Must Go". I think somebody even flew a plane over the stadium trailing a "Joe Must Go" banner. So things are not that bad yet!

colonel said...

Well, it's official, according to Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports, Andy Reid is the Worst Coach in the NFL:

"Twice this season Reid has taken the game out of the hands of Donovan McNabb and tried to win at crunch time with his running game. Here's a coach who loves to throw on damn near every down except when the game is on the line. I also blame Reid for the Eagles failing to trade a second-round draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Other than the one season with Terrell Owens, McNabb has made a living throwing the ball to the James Thrashes of the world. It's ridiculous. I'm convinced the Eagles don't want to win it all."