Sunday, November 2, 2008

Better Late Than Never...

We were all jacked-up for the Eagles game and then we got the Comcast commercial showing Billy Penn and the breaking of the curse. Time to ride this Phillies mojo...and then the game started.

I honestly could not think of a worse way to begin, 3 and out by the offense and then a 90 yard TD by the Seahawks. I guess the one positive is that Sheppard won't be running his mouth this week about being black-balled.

Alright, no biggie, it wouldn't be an Eagles game unless the opposition was spotted 7 points. The offense will get it back, a little jet lag that's all. Nevermind, more 3 and outs. Again, no worries the defense has realized there was a game this weekend, plus Lito is now out with a groin injury.

Holy crap, a productive play from the TE position, I guess you don't have to pay $4.5 million for a quality TE. Big plays from Celek means no more L.J. to complain about next year. Time for the offense to roll, but wait they are in the dreaded red zone. McNabb drops back, a completion in the back of the end zone. Unfortunately the guy was wearing blue. (Anyone else tired of McNabb and his my fault gestures...this is your 10th year Donovan!)

But no fear, Donovan finally finds his rhythm and gets big plays from Curtis, Jackson, Celek (again), and we have a Reggie Brown sighting...6 points. Momentum is now on the Eagles side. Oh wait, scratch that. Our old nemesis short yardage...3rd and 1.

The elusive QB sneak again find its way into the playbook...first down! Curtis and Celek again make big plays (and again L.J. is not missed). We gotta get 6 points...and do! Who knew that the cure for the short yardage and red zone woes was a Offensive Lineman?!? L.J. I hope you were watching how Herremans played TE.

Looks the the Eagles we all expected going into the game have finally showed up. As a bonus, the Cowboys are losing!

Onto the second half and an Eagles W!

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