Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Bit More Difficult, But Not Much

We all expect an Eagles victory tomorrow against the Seahawks. A loss, well it is unacceptable. Playoff teams do NOT lose games against a 2-5 team, a team racked with injuries. No excuses. We don't care if the win is pretty or not, we all just want the W and the 5-3 record.

Looking at the Seahawks I see an opponent similar to the Falcons. But despite the difference in records, I see the Seahawks as actually being the tougher match-up.

First, despite the record and the injuries, the Seahawks are the home team tomorrow. The Seahawks winning percentage at home hovers around 80 percent. The Eagles are traveling cross country for their second game in 4 weeks. Remember the 49ers game was a struggle into the 4th quarter.

Second, unlike against the Falcons, the Eagles inability to cover the opposing TE could again be a problem. John Carlson carries season stats of 20, 214, and 2 TDs. Not spectacular numbers, but well he hasn't had the chance to pad those numbers with a game against the Eagles. But if you listen to JJ this week he noted seeing continued improvement with Gocong's ability to cover the TE...let's hope that improvement continues this week.

Lastly, the Seahawks bring a formidable 1,2,3 rushing attack with Jones, Morris, and Duckett. Plus their FB (Weaver) and QB (Wallace) have the ability to run. I don't see this as a true problem with the Eagles D as long as the D of last week again shows up, not the D of the Redskins game.

On the other side of the ball, it could get ugly for the Seahawk D against the Eagles offense. The Seahawks allow an averages of 26 points and 367 yards a game. Yikes! B-West ad the WRs are only getting healthier now, so putting up 30+ is not out of the question (see Eagles - St. Louis game).

Should be a laugher...Eagles 31 Seahawks 9

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justincharlesharlan said...

Sounds about right...

Sorry my recent absence on this page, been very busy working two jobs, getting ready for my first child to be born, and getting hit with a vicious head/chest cold.

Time for a big day against a bad team tomorrow.