Monday, November 10, 2008

Bye, Bye Fat Man

Eagle fans have had enough. It was a good run, but it is time for a change.

We owe Andy Reid a lot. He turned the Eagles franchise into a consistent winner. He brought stability to the franchise, kept the Eagles at the top of the NFC for the better part of a decade. But the man seems to have reached his pinnacle. He can no longer win the big games, can no longer keep the Eagles in the echelon of elite teams.

Tom Coughlin made Reid look like a high school coach last night. Reid again showed his ineptness in play calling, game management, clock management, and use of the challenge flag. Reid's coaching is digressing. Other teams are getting a boast from their coaches. Reid, at this point, is a liability to the Eagles.

Why the hell would Reid call those 2 running plays at the end of the game. Everyone knew what was coming. TV analysts, fans, the opposition (players and coaches) all knew what was coming. It was no surprise that the Eagles failed. And Reid's use of the challenge flags earlier in the 4th quarter, inexcusable.

And it just wasn't the 4th quarter. We all saw the Eagles D struggling to contain the run last night. (We can discuss on a different day the fact that Reid is responsible for putting together a D that can't compete in the run heavy NFC East.) The Eagles D needed a breather, needed their offense to stay on the field. It didn't happen, any momentum put together by the offense was quickly squashed by moronic play calling that lead to too many 3 and outs.

Lastly, and maybe it was just me, but did anyone else think that the early passes to L.J. were just Reid (and of course his smugness) trying to show us all that we were idiots to think that Celek should have gotten the start this week?

And the perfect ending to Reid's evening was his press conference. Again he refused to answer any questions and feed us the same BS about how he needs to do a better job. Maybe we have just reached the point where this is the best that he can do. Not good.


Garretts said...

Hey Chris,
Did you see who dropped a key pass late in the game? Weren't you calling for Celek to be the TE? All your blah blah blah calling for Reids head. You make me want to puke!

chris klinkner said...

hey garrett, have you watched Reid this entire season? enough said!

Anonymous said...


Andy had his run... it's time to go due to two major issues he has never addressed. 1.) The ability to stop a power running team. We are too small on the defensive side of the ball in our front 7 to compete against a power team. 2.) We have NEVER established a power running game ourselves. As great of a player as Westbrook is, he cannot pound the opponents for 4 quarters. I'll even give Andy a pass on the lack of a stud at wr because if we had a running game, that would make our pass attack almost unstoppable.

He has to go!!!!!

Tell me a big game we won this year? We should have beat the Bears & Cowboys... if we had a running game we would have.

A. Maurice

Gary Knight said...

We've come back from deficits like this in seasons past to reach championship games, so I won't call for Reid's head yet. We still get to play each of our division opponents one more time this season. If we win those three games and can manage a 10-6 record or better we have a shot at getting in, and then hopefully it's all about the hot team, as the Giants and Steelers have proven in years past. This team can go 5-2 or 6-1 to close out the season.

Justin in Portland, OR said...

Wow, Celek had one dropped pass out of about 8 total Eagle drops last night. I think he was only thrown to once. I believe LJ's first catch attempt was also dropped, Garrets.

Hey Garrets, how about you start showing people you know what you're talking about by suggestion some substance behind you criticism's? It takes a smart guy to launch criticism via anonymity without any sort of backup. All you're doing is showing your lack of credibility and knowledge. You make real fans want to puke.

No one said Celek was the messiah. But nearly everyone DID say at this point both TE's are equivalent talent-wise. And the stats back that up today.

Like everyone everywhere, I whole-heartedly agree that the Eagles need to get a complete running core (yes, this is an obvious observation). I've always loved Westbrook. He really is the most dynamic player on the team. However, he can only elude tacklers but he can't compete with the size of defensive linemen.

I think the other side of this argument is Andy Reid continues to build pass-blocking O lines. Each week they get smoked off the line when attempting to run. When the Giants lined up on short yardage downs, I was nervous because they have a bruising O line and beasts for running backs. When the Eagles lined up on short, I was distraught because the Eagles only option is to pass. It's obvious that short yardage runs with this team is dicey at best.

I'm tired of watching the franchise I like consistently allow Fanny Reid to NEVER, and I do mean never, learn from his miscues when he gets a golden opportunity redeem himself. In his breathy, obese manner he repeats the phrase of the week, "I need to put the team in a better position. This one's on me." Thanks, Fatty. I got that in weeks 2, 4, 5, and now 9. Maybe you could change your script? Or better yet, do something about it next time!