Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can Reid Do It?

I remember writing after the Falcons game about how much I loved the passion and fire that Reid showed after the referees called an idiotic penalty against Trent Cole for roughing the passer. It was the first time that I witnessed Reid showing some real emotion. No smugness, no typical cocky Reid, just pure intensity, and the fans loved it. He was one of us.

Today it was reported that Reid had a pair of intense meetings with his players to assure that the players' focus was still on the season and not on the off-field circus. Reid's meeting was then followed by a players meeting called by Dawkins. There is no one better than Dawk to second your message!

The question now is, is Reid still able to unify his team? Is the big guy able to provide the spark to motivate his players or has his voice and messages become stale in the locker room? Or like calling an effective game plan or building a dominate roster, has Reid also lost this ability?

If the Big Guy can no longer motivate his team, what reasons are there to keep him as coach? What have we seen since 2004 that warrants keeping a coach that is on his way to missing the playoffs for the 3rd time in the past 4 seasons. Nothing.

Here's hoping that Reid's message get across to his players. Otherwise hello 5-5-1.

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colonel said...

There's no question that Reid needs to motivate the team and get them focused, but no amount of motivation, team meetings and players only meetings will mean anything if he also doesn't give them something to work with.

If he again rolls out the same old pass, pass, pass, pass game plan with a few silly little tricks thrown in between, which everybody seems to be expecting, combined with all his other mistakes, we will have a very motivated 5-5-1 team after Sunday.