Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chicken or the Egg? QB or the Coach?

It's the age old question that continues to baffle...which came first the chicken or the egg? Well here's an even tougher one for you...who do we blame more the Eagles QB or Coach?

The answer of the masses seems to be one Mr. Andy Reid. I can't argue or disagree with the popular sentiment. The Eagles have talent on their roster. I believe it's the coaching that's keeping them stuck in mediocrity. Despite being the popular opinion, it is still anyone's guess who really is at fault here.

They arrived in Philadelphia as a pair, now they are halfway through their 10th season together. The question of blame will remain unanswered until the duo is separated. When that day arrives we will finally be able to see if one is able to thrive without the other. Or maybe they both tank?

If the season plays out as most expect (but I hope against) it looks like yet another season with no playoffs. If this does occur, well year number 11 might finally answer one of Philadelphia's greatest questions.

Sadly and to our dislike, McNabb may be the one getting the opportunity to play elsewhere. Why? Simple money...Reid has another 2 years of guaranteed money. McNabb, well after this season there is no guaranteed money coming his way.

Gotta love the business side of the game.


Anonymous said...

Reid's gotta be the Egg!

Anonymous said...

Let's blame both and think happy Phillies thoughts!

colonel said...

You're right, Andy does have another 2 years left on his contract, which was already extended once before they even made it to the Super Bowl, but the team and Jeffrey Laurie has a lot more to loose than Andy's salary if they finish poor again and out of the playoffs.

The franchise makes a lot of money from endorsements and all of that team merchandise. This Christmas do you think people are going to be running to the Eagles or the Phillies pro-shop to buy gifts? My bet is that it will be the Phillies with that World Champion emblem!

The only thing that will keep Andy around is that Banner, Laurie and Heckert still buy into Andy's line of BS.