Monday, November 10, 2008

Close, But Who Cares

Tonight we got a chance to see champions. Unfortunately for Eagle fans the champions were the honorary captains at the coin toss (Hamels and Burrell) and the team with NY on their helmets. I take zero joy from tonight's game. Taking pride in playing our competition close is for losers.

At this point we can kiss thoughts of a NFC East title goodbye. We are now left to battle out a bunch of mediocre teams for a road playoff game. Excuse me if I don't see this Eagles team repeating the Giants road playoff success of last year.

Am I surprised that the Eagles lost tonight? I actually am. I thought the Eagles would rise to the occasion and leave the Linc with a W. Instead the Eagles now sit slightly above the line of mediocrity and sport an 0-3 division record.

Am I surprised how the Eagles lost tonight? Not one bit. Outside of a few "smoke and mirror" plays, the offense again started out slow. Donovan again looked more like a rookie QB then a ten year vet for the first 1 1/2 quarters. Reid again showed poor clock and red flag management. And most importantly the Eagles were beaten soundly on the offensive and defensive lines.

The Giants 3rd string running back out rushed B-West tonight. McNabb ended the game as the Eagles leading rusher. Not good. But despite all of this the Eagles had a chance with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter to pull out a victory. Well that was until they had to convert 3rd and 3 and 4th and 1. No shocker that the Eagles failed.

On the defensive side of the ball the Eagles run D was absolutely pathetic. The Giants controlled the clock while banging out 200+ yards on the ground. The Giants ended the game gaining just under 5 yards a carry. That's a shocker to me as it seemed every running play was good for at least 7-8 yards.

So again the Eagles lose another close one. But who cares if it was close. The end result was a loss. So much for riding the momentum of the Phillies success. Lurie deserved the boos he got at the Linc tonight!


Justin in Portland, OR said...

This game was so F**KING frustrating! The Eagles got their a$$e$ handed to them, yet they continued to put themselves within striking distance.

At times they came up with big plays, yet at times I couldn't help but scratch my head at what was unfolding. Never have I seen a team put together solid, complete drives and then turn around and be so incompetent the following offensive drive.

I was disappointed by the Eagles run defense, but in all honesty, how can I blame them when they spend nearly 40 minutes of a 60 minute game on the field battling the #2 running offense in the league!

I'm tired of hearing Andy Reid take the podium and tell us EVERY SINGLE WEEK, "I need to put these guys in a better position to succeed." NO $HIT! How about you start by learning from your mistakes and failures?! Man, ANOTHER 4th-and-1, AND ANOTHER BLOWN PREDICTABLE RUN!!!

Anything-and-1 is the defining point to this season. Faddy Reid is incapable of learning from a mistake. I'm blown away right now. I expected this to be a game where the Eagles came out and made themselves contenders. Yet their coach consistently proves to the world this team is over-rated.

Oh, and can the Eagles maybe sign or draft a MOTHER F**kin' person WHO CAN CATCH THE BALL??!! I counted 5 drops in the first half alone! Now, McNabb wasn't spot on, but the rule of thumb is if it hits you in the hands, you're expected to catch it. It's your job. Get with it or get a new job!

colonel said...

Maybe it's time to put in Kevin Kolb, at least then when the QB plays like a rookie, there will be a legitimate reason for it!