Friday, November 14, 2008

Cut Reid Some Slack

Who am I Jack Ikegwuonu? Am I smoking something...cut Reid some slack?

Just hear me out...I'm not excusing Reid for some of his crapy coaching this year, I just think we have to shift some of this blame the way of Jim Johnson, the D coordinator. Reid has had his moments in the losses against the Cowboys and Giants, but when your team is able to put up 30+ points, you would think that a victory would be locked up.

Not the case with this Eagles D. McNabb's struggles to find consistency may garner the headlines, but for the season there is no unit more inconsistent that this Eagles D. From game to game or even drive to drive you have no idea which D is going to show up. One week they look like the top D in the league manhandling the Steelers, other weeks they get run over and lit up on the scoreboard by the Giants and Cowboys.

Despite the struggling D, JJ's reputation has gone unscathed. Are we just afraid to pick on our elders? Is it just easier to pile the blame on Reid, since GM Reid is responsible for the personal decisions that make up the defense? Whatever the reason, it's wrong. JJ has to take his share of the blame here. Not Reid, not McNabb, Johnson.

Have teams figured JJ's D out, like they have figured Reid's offense out? Weeks ago the run D was a top 5 unit, now they are simply middle of the pack. Blitz packages aren't generating enough pressure on the QB. Players seem out of position to make plays, stop the opposition on 3rd downs. Hell, the guys who use to be under JJ are proving to be more effective in this league this year (Spagnola, Harbaugh).

Going into the season we all thought the talent was there for the D to be one of the NFL's elite. Did we misjudge the talent level or is the game simply beginning to pass JJ by? The next seven games should give us the answer.

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colonel said...

Maybe it's that Reid won't answer any questions or assign any blame ("I'm not going to get into that...."), and that he is the head coach, general manager, executive vp of football operations, king of the Eagles football world, with ultimate responsibility for personnel. But, you are right, Johnson is supposed to be the Defensive Genius, and a lot of times this season so far, his defense hasn't reflected that!