Monday, November 3, 2008

Cutting Them No Slack

So yesterday was the first Eagles game following the Phillies World Series title. Because the Phillies won and the city finally had their long overdue championship, was anyone ready to cut the Eagles some slack if they had a poor showing? I wasn't.

And if you looked at the Eagles discussion boards during yesterday's game the fans were ripping the Eagles during their slow start. Reid was still an idiot, McNabb was still pathetic, and the D was embarrassing. Of course the tone quickly changed when the Eagles finally showed-up and put the game away.

But so much for the Philly fan base being content with one title and giving the city's other 3 teams a free pass. Instead, as I thought before, the performance bar has been raised by the Phillies, and the Eagles would be smart to follow. No more of this just hanging around .500 and being satisfied with a lowly playoff berth. The Eagles have to beat the Giants next Sunday.

Only the Phillies get a free pass now, but even with them, I am curious to how long before Manuel is again an idiot!

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