Monday, November 17, 2008

Dawkins Deserves Better

Yes this 2008 season has been brutal on us fans. But thankfully for us, World Series memories are still fresh in our minds. Unfortunately for Brian Dawkins there is no happy place for him to escape to. He is stuck in the mediocrity that has engulfed this 2008 Eagles team.

Dawkins deserves better than this. There have been some "old-man" moments for Dawk this season, but overall he still remains a leader on the D, he can still back up his talk with his play. If this is truly his last season with the Eagles, what a crappy send-off for a potential future Hall of Famer, one of the greatest Eagles do ever line-up on the D.

At times the defense has been madly inconsistent, but overall, they remain a top ten unit. I believe you can be a playoff team and win in the playoffs with this D. They can generate pressure on the QB, force the turnover, and are above average in defending the pass and the run.

Dawkins doesn't deserve to be lead by a coach who has lost it. No longer am I confident in Reid to game plan, make personal decisions, manage the game or clock, or unify this team.

Dawkins doesn't deserve to play opposite an offense that can't find a short yardage game, can't establish a run game, can't catch passes, can't avoid the turnover, and can't mount a 4th quarter comeback.

Dawkins is all that is right with Eagles football. Dawkins is why we love hitting, love pregame introductions, and why we bleed the green. After struggling through family and physical issues in 2007, Dawk had us all pumped for this season. Unfortunately we all forgot who was coaching this team this season.

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