Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Day The Season Was Saved

I have no good rationale for saying it. The Eagles have shown little to make me believe it. But I honestly believe that the Eagles 2008 season turns around today. The Eagles WILL beat the Ravens.

Reid will actually commit to a run game today. McNabb will have a HUGE rebound game and will make plays with his arm and legs. The Eagles D will make Flacco look like a rookie QB from Delaware.

Gone will be the talk about OT rules, McNabb being a has-been, and the 2008 season being over. 6-4-1 and a Thanksgiving game against a Cardinals team that can't win on the East coast.

1pm today, the season gets back on track! E-A-G-L-E-S!!!


Anonymous said...

hahaha I dont this we say this coming. The Kolb era starts today

Brandon Blattner said...

We'll just pretend you never made that prediction.....ha, though myself and I think most Eagles fans agreed with you before the game started. Wow. I am just in awe; Lord knows what we have coming in the wake of this one....

I mean, would anyone have believed you if you said that this week could be WORSE than last week??

Anonymous said...

World PHUCKING using that for a while

Anonymous said...

I thought by taking out McNabb we might see finally if its the quarterback play or the play-calling that's been killing us, and I'm certain now it's both.

I will say this, though, I wouldn't mind if we kept McNabb and hired a new head coach, and at the very least a new offensive coordinator. Did the Eagles organization honestly think they were going to win with a former Detroit Lions head coach calling the plays?

Keep this in mind about McNabb: Farve looked terrible for a few years there going into last season. I'm more concerned about the deflated mental state of the franchise. We need a boost this offseason, and I think only a coaching change and some free agent pickups at WR will do anything to help that.

I'm just in shock over that play call on 2nd and Goal. Reid lost his job at that point in my mind. And what the fuck was Reggie Brown doing blowing past Reed and then fading back into the endzone and allowing Reed to get back into position. Is it just me or do the wide receivers look like they run the routes wrong all the time?

I could go on and on but I have to go to the bathroom now and get this game out of my system.