Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Believe the NY Hype

I am just not buying the garbage talk that the NY Giants are the best team in football. The so-called national experts are predicting another Super Bowl victory for the Giants this season. They all say the Giants 7-1 record is no joke and get this, they can actually improve on their record.

I just don't see it. Instead I see a 2nd half collapse, or at least a return to reality!

If you do a quick check to see who the G-Men have beaten this year you see victories over the 'Skins (Zorn's first game), Rams (prior to Haslett's arrival), Bengals (1 W for the year), Seahawks (2 Ws for the year), 49ers (2 Ws for the year), Steelers (legit), and the Cowboys (without Romo). Not a very impressive collection of opponents (yes I am aware that the Eagles have similar victories, but the Eagles aren't getting the hype!).

If you look forward at the Giants schedule you see that 5 of their 8 remaining games are on the road, including 3 NFC East road battles. Maybe it's my bias, but I don't see the Giants putting up any more than 4 wins in their final 8 games. Yea that still gives them 11 for the year, but will that be enough to beat out the 'Skins or the Eagles for the NFC East title?

Unlike the Eagles and the Cowboys, the Giants have managed to navigate the first half of their season with minimal injuries to their offense. Luck is on their side, but what happens if Manning goes down? Do you trust Carr to lead the offense? Is the running game the same without a healthy Jacobs? Wouldn't the Eagles and Cowboys be posting better records with Romo and B-West healthy for all their games?!?

And lastly, I am just waiting for this Burress situation to blow-up on the Giants. There have been suspensions and timeouts on the sideline so far, but that has all been while the team was winning. What happens when the Giants lose a few? Winning hides a lot of ugliness, can hold a team together. Losing does not.

Again I am not saying that the Giants aren't a good team or aren't a playoff team. I am just not buying the hype that they are a Super team. I mean position by position, is there any unit of the Giants that is truly superior to the Eagles...I don't see it!

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Anonymous said...

forget about Gmen. Skins are going to knocked them out in playoffs who will loose to CAR in NFC title. It is Titan's year anyways.