Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Call It a Comeback...

19 points. A measly 19 points is the combined margin of defeat in the Eagles 4 losses this season. In order they lost by totals of 4, 4, 6, and 5. So close, yet so stuck in the basement of the NFC East, clinging to hopes of a playoff berth.

The above numbers state the obvious, the Eagles can't win the close games. Do you have a difficult time remembering the last time that Reid and McNabb were able to navigate a 4th quarter, final 2 minutes, come from behind win? Don't worry, it's not memory loss on our part, it's just been a really LONG time.

Think back to September 25, 2005 against the Oakland Raiders. The Eagles won the game 23-20. That was the last time that Reid /McNabb lead a 4th quarter, final 2 minutes, come from behind win. That was 39 games ago! In that span the Eagles have failed on 9 consecutive opportunities to generate a last minute come from behind win. Nothing clutch with these guys!

So back to my question from last you blame the QB or the Coach? Or are each equally to blame in not being able to handle the pressure? Just look at Sunday night, you see a QB out of breath (panic attack?!?) and a coach calling ill-advised challenges and running plays...

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