Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Forget About This Line

Outside of another miraculous punt return, Sunday's game against the Giants is probably going to come down to a battle of the lines. Reid preaches it, we know it. Which team does a better job of protecting their QB, opening holes for their talented backfields, and getting after the opposing QB is going to get the W.

Neither Manning or McNabb are the same QBs when they are pressured. Maybe McNabb has a slight edge with his scrambling, but each would rather he have time in the pocket, time for their WRs to get down field. Which team will do a better job ruining the other QBs evening? Hard to call.

If you listen to the NFL chatter and headlines, you instantly think that the Giants D-Line has the edge in rushing the QB. Not so fast. Yea, the G-Men are #2 in the NFL in sacks (30), but if you look two spots down you will find the Eagles and their 27 sacks. And the best part of these numbers is that the Eagles are bringing the pressure from everywhere along the line.

Last year Trent Cole was the stand-out, Pro Bowl DE, leading the Eagles D-Line in sacks. This year he is 3rd on his own team with 3 sacks. Go figure that two after thoughts going into the season would be leading the team in sacks. Howard leads the way with 6 sacks (hey, he had to earn the money at some point!) with Parker two sacks behind at 4. Hell even our starting FB has 2 many teams can say that!

So if we are going to pile praise on the Giants D-Line, well the Eagles D-Line deserves equal attention. And hey, at least our line doesn't have McDougle in the rotation(1 tackle, 0 sacks)!

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