Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eagles / Cardinals...Just Curious?

Another prime-time, nationally televised game for our Iggles. Maybe the Eagles will finally win such a game tonight. Could tonight be the beginning of a 5-0 run to the playoffs, or the official end to all playoff talk? Is it door open or door slamming shut?

In case you can't get excited for the game, here's a few things to ponder off the field...
  • Will anyone show up to the game? How many empty seats will there be? I am thinking the ticket scalpers ("I need tickets, Who needs tickets") will be missing from Packer Ave. tonight.
  • Will any fans actually follow the Eagles marketing pitch and wear black to the game tonight? Or will the color of choice be Phillies red or surrender white?
  • Do the Eagles dare announce the Offense during pregame activities and open the possibility of McNabb being booed before his 1st incomplete pass? Or do the Eagles take the safe out and have the Defense and Dawkins introduced?
  • If the Eagles lose tonight, is McNabb relegated to the bench for the remainder of the season? Are will ready to officially user in the Kolb era?
  • If fans do boo the team, how soon before the announcers and national media bring up the other holiday and the booing of Santa Claus?
  • How many people will just eat and drink until they pass out, not wanting to have the Eagles ruin their holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! In the end I will be most thankful when this 2008 season has come to an end and we can start righting the wrongs of this Eagles franchise. 2009 is our year!

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