Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Eagles Repeating 2006?

Go 5-0 and the Eagles can end 2008 with a playoff berth. Unlikely yes, impossible no. At this point only 4 wins to go. It's be done before. 2006 was the year.

In 2006 the Eagles went into Week 12 with a 5-6 record. The Eagles closed out week 17 with a 10-6 record and the NFC East title. The NFC East crown might be out of reach this season, but playoffs, though a long shot, are still a hope.

I am a realist so I understand a lot has to change and bounce the Eagles way this season for a repeat of the 2006 performance. But I am an Eagles fan, so until they are officially eliminated from contention, I believe!

It's eerie how similar the 2008 and 2006 situations are. In 2006 the Eagles entered week 12 coming off an embarrassing 41-25 loss to the Colts. Do I really need to remind anyone of the Eagles week 11 loss to the Ravens this season.

Next up for the 2006 Eagles was an out of division match-up against the Panthers. The Eagles won. The impossible followed on the schedule...three straight road games against NFC East opponents. Well impossible happened. A 3-0 record and then a fourth win at home against the Falcons to close out the regular season. From an afterthought and a guaranteed playoff miss, to playing and winning in January.

The Eagles marched to a playoff berth with a balanced offensive attack and a hot QB. Though the Cardinals game was only 1 game the Eagles used that same formula to thrash the Cardinals.

Like 2006, three of the final games for the Eagles are against NFC East opponents. Two on the road and one at the Linc. Why can't the Eagles earn a series split with their division rivals. Who would of thought a WR was capable of literally shooting himself in the foot?!? It can happen!

Throw in a win against the lowly Browns and 4-0 is achieved. 10-5-1 is the record and that tie ends up being the difference in sneaking into the playoffs.

I admit there is definitely some "bleeding green" in this prediction, but why not hope for the best. What better why to ring in the holidays than with win after Eagles win!


Anonymous said...

dont get your hopes up. You forget a big difference between end of 2006 and now. We had a QB that is consistent and doesnt streak emotionally. Dead cat bounces...

Anonymous said...

blind faith i guess