Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eagles Still Seeing Red

Over the years we have seen the Eagles wear uniforms that are white, green, black, and even blue and yellow. So come this Sunday will the Eagles be sporting red (though a red QB, training camp jersey for McNabb might be a good idea against the Giants pash rush!)? Unlikely, but if you have been following the Eagles lately is seems that red is their color of choice for the 2008 season...

First, for the Falcons game the Linc was filled with fans sporting Phillies jerseys and hats, holding Phillies signs, and breaking out into Phillies chants. P-H-I-L-L-I-E-S!

Next we had the Linc being used for the Phillies World Series celebration ceremony.

And then today we find out that for the biggest home game of the season, Pat Burrell and Cole Hamels will be serving as honorary captains Sunday night, taking part in the opening coin toss.

Did I miss when Banner and Lurie relinquished control of this organization?!? See you all at the Linc on Sunday...Jackson jersey and Phillies cap!

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