Sunday, November 2, 2008

Flashbacks of Chad Lewis

Think back, remember when the TE position wasn't a joke, wasn't the easiest position to criticize on the Eagles? It's a difficult task, you gotta think pre-L.J.

Remember Chad Lewis? The Eagles used to have the top TE in the NFC East, not one of the worst. Chad Lewis was easily overlooked during the Eagles glory days, but without Lewis and his big playoff performances there was probably no Super Bowl in 2004. We also can't forget that Chad Lewis was a Pro Bowl TE (2000 season).

Why bring up Lewis now? Well, I am sitting here watching Brent Celek shred the Seattle D today. The 3rd quarter has just ended and already Celek has over 100 yards receiving. L.J. has barely broken the century mark for the entire season!

Celek isn't the flashiest (reminding me of Lewis) but he is finding the open space, he is holding on to the ball, and making the TE position again a weapon in the Eagles offense (again reminding me of Lewis).

This could all just be a one game wonder, but for once it is nice to again be complimenting the TE position (again, reminding me of Lewis) instead of thinking of punch lines to criticize the position. Hell, even Matt Schobel is showing to be a better option than L.J. today!

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