Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Following Mr. Cunningham

If you needed any further convincing that the 2008 season will be McNabb's last in Philly, Sunday's benching should now have you firmly convinced. Goodbye #5. That feeling of "this is the year" that we enter each season with because McNabb was the manning the QB spot is gone.

Where will McNabb end up next season? At this point it's any one's guess. Will the Eagles be able to trade McNabb? Would they flat out release McNabb since there is only a minimal cap hit? I guess these answers will help determine his landing spot.

One popular belief is that he ends up with Chilly in Minnesota. Seems like a perfect destination to me. McNabb is familiar with the system, the coach, and would have a much needed run came to lean on. Adding a McNabb to the Vikings should signal a trip the playoffs and maybe beyond. Good for #5.

Remember the last time a great Eagles QB ended up in Minnesota? Randall Cunningham joined the Vikings for the '97 season and then in '98 Cunningham was again a Pro Bowler and lead the Vikings to a 15-1 record and an appearance in the NFC Championship. If it weren't for a missed FG, Cunningham would of also made the Super Bowl.

Here's hoping McNabb finds similar success. Just don't go joining the hated Cowboys as your career winds down!

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