Sunday, November 2, 2008

Football Sunday, Eagles Sunday

Now the spotlight is only on the Eagles (sorry Flyers and Sixers, it's just too early in marathon seasons).

And you know it's an Eagles Sunday when...
  1. You wake up in your Eagles pjs (but of course with your Phillies World Series Championship T-Shirt)
  2. Morning sports shows / articles are actually back talking about the Eagles
  3. Your breakfast is a bowl of Eagles Blitz cereal (a.k.a. a $6 box of Cheerios) and coffee from your Eagles mug
  4. You throw on your DeSean Jackson jersey, you wife throws on her Dawkins jersey
  5. You utter the phrase "November 9th" to the guy wearing the Eli Manning jersey at the store
  6. You crank up AC/DC during your morning workout and your mind drifts to thoughts of B-Dawk running through the tunnel at the Linc
  7. You look at pictures from Friday's parade and instantly think I wonder what the Eagles parade in February will be like?
  8. Beers are in the fridge, Eagles beer mug in the freezer, the number for the local BBQ joint is on speed dial
  9. You know that your mood on Monday morning will be known by 8pm tonight
  10. There are no ifs, the Eagles will be 5-3 after today
  11. McNabb will be nominated for the FedEx Air Player of the week
  12. People will be back talking about B-West as the best back in the league
  13. We all will see T.O. get shut down again this week and think to ourselves, maybe having Curtis and Jackson is pretty damn good
  14. We will be hoping that Sheppard can again let his play and not his mouth do the talking
  15. We won't care that Brown is back or that L.J. is out
  16. There is only one week until the G-Men come to town!

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