Monday, November 24, 2008

The Eagles Fun Is All Gone

We have definitely been spoiled by the Eagles this decade. The old saying, all good things must come to end is now a sad reality for Eagle fans.

I honestly think I could deal with the losing if it was just the losing. Your favorite team can't be on top forever. There are going to be years when your team flat-out stinks. There are going to be rebuilding years when you retool for another extended run for a title. I accept the fact that this season (or two) is a down year. There is always the Phillies, Sixers, or Flyers to take our thoughts and emotions to a happier place.

What I can't stand is the way the Eagles are making this season a circus. It's constant controversy with the Eagles. Last week it was the OT rule nonsense and this week it is the idiotic coaching decisions to bench then reinsert McNabb as the starting QB.

The result of such stupidity is the national and local attention focused on everything negative about the Eagles. Reading the newspaper, surfing the web, watching national and local sports shows is ruined. I now cringe when I see or read an Eagles headline. How are the Eagles going to be ridiculed this time?!?

Even now I am waiting to put the 6pm Sports Center on TV. Maybe by 6:30 the Eagles basing will be finished. And I have still yet to read today's paper.

How truly depressing it is to be an Eagles fan this season. The fun is just ruined.

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