Friday, November 21, 2008

Garcia: An Oldie, But Still A Goodie

Right now McNabb is not a fan favorite. Either his on the field play against the Bengals or his post game OT comments are what have us ticked.

Even if McNabb leads the Eagles to a W against the Ravens, some fans might still be ready to close the door on the McNabb era. It’s time to usher in the Kolb era. It’s time to finally see what the young kid has. But are we truly ready for the suffering that will engulf the franchise if Kolb is another Houston bust? How about a little security at the QB position…and I am not referring to A.J.

How about a return of fan favorite, Eagles hero Jeff Garcia? Makes sense to me. Garcia’s contract with the Bucs runs up after this season. The Bucs were hesitant to give Garcia a new contract before this season, now that he is a year old why would there be a change in their thinking? It’s not as if Garcia is fond of Gruden or was treated well by the Bucs.

The Eagles situation with Kolb would be ideal for the Eagles, Reid, and Garcia. The Eagles need a proven veteran at the QB position, one that if needed can lead the team to victories. If Reid returns next year he can not afford to watch Kolb crumble, he needs wins to save his own hide. Garcia, who would prefer a starting QB job, must come to the realization that at his age, the pickings are going to be slim. Why not then take a job as a back-up, with a team and system you are familiar with, that within a few games could lead to a starting spot.

If McNabb returns this idea is all for naught. But I just have a feeling that McNabb is going to be unfairly made the scapegoat for the 2008 season. If such a scenario arises I feel a lot more comfortable with Kolb and Garcia then Kolb and Feeley!


colonel said...

Good idea, but the problem may be...and this just one of many...the Eagles front office probably won't be willing to pay Garcia what he wants and Garcia won't be willing to accept what the Eagles front office is willing to pay. Garcia still has an ego, and the Eagles front office can still be cheap.

Anonymous said...

Garcia wants to be a stater. Reid cant promise him that unless he belives that McNabb is done and Kolb is a bust.