Friday, November 14, 2008

Give Him The Damn Ball

Not that I think the Bengals game will come down to a final drive or final play, but if we have learned anything from these 2008 Eagles it's that they love to surprise us. IF the Eagles do find themselves in another 4th quarter nail biter, my two cents for Reid is keep the ball in the hands of #5.

McNabb is our star. As he goes, the offense and team goes. McNabb gets the heft paycheck, is the face of the franchise, so just go to the go to guy. McNabb is always saying he wants the ball and wants to make the play. Make him back up his words!

McNabb can run it, throw it, whatever...if we are going to lose, I'd rather it be on the shoulders of #5. No plays of trickery, no handoffs to running backs who have been invisible for the first 58 minutes. McNabb's team, McNabb's play, McNabb's failure or success.

We are fortunate to have a QB with the talent of McNabb. Time to use that talent. No more excuses, no more after the game PCs where plays are questioned by the fans or the players. Just give McNabb the damn ball.

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Anonymous said...

Learn to pronounce the letter "E" in front of eagles.
Giants Rule!

Turd Ferguson