Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good To Be Hank

Lost in all the Reid bashing yesterday was the good week that Mr. Hank Baskett had. First there was the news of his engagement to playmate Kendra Wilkinson. This was then followed by his nice back of the end zone TD catch against the Giants. My man is scoring everywhere!

For years fans have yearned for that big WR that would allow McNabb to just "throw it up for grabs" in the end zone, knowing his guy would end up with six points. Who knew that guy would be Hank Baskett, a nobody the Eagles traded for a few years back.

Have the Eagles finally found a go-to play and player in the red zone? Is the answer the fade to Baskett? Well the results say yes. All preseason we heard about the fade, yet it took weeks before the play was finally seen in game time. Why the wait Andy?

The fade route is 2-2 this season. Two attempts, 2 touchdowns. Such success makes one wonder why they don't go to the play more often. Kind of frustrating when you count the losses due to not being able to punch the ball into the end zone.

One problem solved, so many more to go. Maybe Reid is also hiding the answer to the running game woes. Maybe the answer is the unheralded Booker...nah!

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