Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye McNabb, You Were The Best

Add the date of November 23, 2008 into the Eagle history books. The McNabb era in Philadelphia has come to an end. Dismal play against the Ravens, which included three more turnovers, turned the inevitable into reality. Still the word shocking only minimizes the reaction of today's benching.

At this point there is no need to play McNabb anymore. Why continue to tarnish the man's legacy by playing him in this horrific offense? The OL can't block, the RBs can't stay healthy, the WRs can't get open, the TEs are nonexistent, and to call the play calling atrocious would actually be a compliment.

The 2008 season was supposed to be McNabb's bounce back year. He was again healthy and a return trip the playoffs was a sure thing. There was even the possibility of a title run, which would in turn guarantee McNabb's return in 2009. How wrong we were.

We all love to pile the hate and criticism on McNabb. Today will be no different. Sure at times the slamming is deserved. But now that history is upon us, McNabb deserves to be remembered for all the great memories and for being the best QB in franchise history. It will be a long time before any Eagles QB is able to match his productivity.

Good luck Mr. Kolb. This mess is now yours.

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colonel said...

The one good thing that came out of today's game was that it confirmed, one and for all, how bad a coach Andy Reid really is.

Not only can't he call plays, manage the clock and pick players, he doesn't even have the guts or common decency to tell his star player that he was being pulled from the game! What kind of a coach or person, is that? No wonder he isn't getting anything out of this team, and going forward, never will!