Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello? The Eagles Did Play Yesterday

If you listen to the local radio stations and fan chatter today you would never know that the Eagles played a game yesterday, let alone got a win that extended their winning streak to 3 games, moved them out of the NFC East basement, and put them right back into the thick of the playoff hunt.

But nobody seemed to care. I understand the Seahawks were a lackluster opponent, but outside of a slow start, the Eagles handled them pretty easily. The D was strong (11 straight punts), the offense was rolling (McNabb 300+ yards, Curtis 6 receptions), and the special teams was actually special (Akers 4-4, good returns by Demps).

Are people still hungover from celebrating the Phillies, still basking in the glow of a city title, or has the Eagles buzz in the city finally taken a major hit? I guess maybe my boss summed it up perfectly with his comment "I will care and get interested if they can beat the Giants."

Is this the way everyone is thinking? Have the fans been teased enough by the Eagles? Have we become disgusted with repeat things like Reid's comments on L.J. Smith today? I am very curious to see the fans reaction following the Giants game (win or lose).

It's still hard to believe the Eagles disappeared on a Monday following a victorious football Sunday, but they did. Hell, even former 76er Allen Iverson got more air time than the Eagles Ex-Sixer! Yikes!

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Mr 215 said...

I think this will be deaded once we beat the Giants this Sunday coming...this game will increase the buzz of the Eagles to a new level and Philadelphia for that matter! Bleed Green