Friday, November 7, 2008

How About Them Legs

To win Sunday the Eagles have to run the ball. We all know the numbers that B-West and Buck have put up against the Giants in recent years, pretty impressive stats. But I am thinking that Sunday's game WILL instead be won on the legs of McNabb.

We constantly hear how great the Giants D is. They are a top five overall unit, #2 in sacking the QB. But if there is a weak spot on their defense it's their secondary. And how do the Eagles exploit the secondary? Simple, have McNabb scramble.

The Eagles OL isn't going to be able to keep pressure off of McNabb the entire game. There is going to be pressure. What McNabb has to do is move around in the pocket, elude the rush, buy his WRs extra time to get down the field and challenge the Giants secondary. Those few extra seconds mean the difference between a sack and a big play to Jackson or Curtis down the field. It can be done.

So yea it would be nice to get another huge effort from B-West on Sunday, but I am thinking the difference is going to be McNabb's legs and burning the Giants secondary for one or two big plays down field. And the Eagles will not miss Osi Umenyiora at all!


Anonymous said...

How about another QB sneak for 6 points or a long run to save the broken play.

Anonymous said...

i just see a win this weekend, just feel it.