Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Much Is Asante Getting Paid?

What was Samuel's contract for, 800 - 900 million dollars? Anyone know where Lito is, I am sure he can confirm the details for us. Well whatever the damage, it's time for Samuel to earn that massive pay check.

I am not saying that Samuel hasn't been a stud all year, he has. He has been the main reason behind the Eagles turnover creating epidemic. The man has a knack for breaking on the ball, reading the WR route like Eagleville has never seen before. But we need more. For his paycheck and his stature as one of the game's elite CBs, he needs to shut-down Burress this Sunday night.

In his 3 years with the Giants Burress has absolutely dominated the Eagles and their secondary. In 7 games, Burress has posted 36 receptions, 633 yards, and 6 TDs. Yikes! And though it wasn't against the Eagles, we can't forget the Super Bowl performance against Samuel and the Pats. Yikes!

Am I worried come this Sunday that Burress will again light up the Iggles? Nah, I got full confidence in our new trillion dollar CB. It's games like this, players like this, that caused the Eagles to open the vault to sign Samuel. Sheppard couldn't do it. Brown couldn't do it. We can't possibly go 0 for 3...right?

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Anonymous said...

Burress killed Samuel in SB too. Dont expect him to shut Burress down. If front four cant pressure on Sheli Burress will get his balls either it Samuel, Brown or both on him.