Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Hate to Blame Westbrook

It's not his fault, but it is. It's hard to blame a player who continues to play despite being injured. He was a stud last year, rising to the level of possibly being the top offensive player in the game. I am of course talking about Brian Westbrook.

Sure you could blame the dismal 2008 season on the QBs, the coaching, the make-up of the team. BUT if the Eagles had a healthy B-West this season the Eagles would no doubt be perched high among the top NFC teams. B-West just has (or had) that ability.

All hope could be lost in a game and then BANG there goes Westbrook for 6. The littlest hole in the OL and he would break through. In the open field his moves guaranteed a miss by the first and second would-be tacklers.

Sadly injuries have robbed B-West of his play making skills this season. And with his skills diminished, well there went the offense and any chance the Eagles had of being a competent offensive team.

Just another example of the Eagles just not having enough play makers on offense. When your one and only offensive threat goes down, well your season is screwed! For sake of Kolb and his career, I hope 2009 brings could health for #36.

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colonel said...

And I would add, in addition to a health B-West, a new Coach/GM who realizes that the team isn't good enough and doesn't have enough true playmakers and doesn't continue to trade away draft picks!