Sunday, November 30, 2008

If You Didn't Already Know...The Giants are Good!

After manhandling the Eagles a few weeks back, we didn't need to watch today's G-Men / 'Skins game to see how good the Giants are. Unfortunately for the Eagles they are still damn good. Scary good is probably a better description.

Not even Plaxico shooting himself and Antonio Pierce aiding the idiot can derail this team. If the running game is shut down (1st half today), then Eli steps up. When the running gets going (2nd half today) well just forget about it. And who really needs Plaxico when a no-name kid like Domenik Hixon can step in and actually play better.

We all know that the Eagles need to go 4-0 for any shot at the playoffs. Getting the first of those four next week against the G-Men is going to be awfully tough. Anything can happen, and will need to happen for an Eagles victory.

It's sad, to even the playing field next week I am actually cheering for an injury to a key Giants player as the game winds down. Or maybe the league will step-up and suspend Pierce for his role in the shooting. Or maybe the whole situation will distract the Giants during their week of preparation. Hey, an Eagles fan can always wish!

One positive, the Redskins look to be crumbling at just the right time.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least a very good team will end Eagles 08 season instead of a tie with Cleveland or clown show from Dallas.