Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Banner Telling Reid to Lose?

So we finally find out the true reason behind the Eagles mediocre 2008 season. All week we have been piling the blame on Reid, criticizing the D, and questioning the passion of #5. And then today we find out we have all been wrong.

It was announced that the average ticket price for NFL playoff games this season will decrease by approximately 10 percent. Such prices will just not do for the money obsessed Banner and Luire. How will the Eagles be able to cushion their billion dollar empire, their $20 million cap space with such a ludicrous change? Screw the struggling economy, the Eagles need more of our money.

So time to ease up on the Reid bashing, maybe even offer up an apology to the big guy. All along Reid was just following orders from the Banner boys. Making the playoffs just isn't worth it.

(Disclaimer: This is a joke)

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Anonymous said...

Dude what are you smoking in there?
Any money is better than nothing...