Monday, November 17, 2008

Is That #91 I See?

Your eyes weren't lying to you (though when you looked at the scoreboard you wish they were) on Sunday. That was a Chris Clemons sighting on the field. I guess after 10 weeks the guy was finally able to learn the D and graduate from special teams. What you were expecting more from one of the Eagles marque FA signings?!? Time to earn that paycheck.

In one game Clemons was able to match his sack total for the entire season. True he entered the game with one sack, but he has to start somewhere. If you look back to last season with the Raiders it was also a week 11 game where Clemons took off. In his final 4 games Clemons notched 4 sacks. Not bad.

And I liked the way JJ had Clemons lined up all along the front 7. Keep the defense guessing where the pressure was coming from. Use the speed of Clemons. It all worked to the tune of 8 sacks, vaulting the Eagles to the top of the NFL in QB sacks. Hello 2007 G-Men...just kidding, the season is still doomed.

Can Clemons finally stay on the field and continue to make a contribution? The Eagles had better hope so. After a fast start, Juqua Parker has managed only 0.5 sacks in his last for games. A rotation of Parker and Clemons (which we all expected from week 1) can be a nightmare for opposing QBs.

Now if we could only get Booker to start contributing. OK, if we could only get Booker on the active roster again!

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