Monday, November 10, 2008

It Ain't Over...Yet (I hope)

So for the better part of today the Eagles have received non-stop bashing. From myself to countless other bloggers, so-called experts, and former players, the verdict of the day is that Reid is an idiot. Is the criticism of Reid and the team deserved? The popular opinion points to an overwhelming, emphatic YES.

With the Phillies season over, the Flyers and Sixers still early into marathon seasons, the Eagles have our full attention for the next 2 months. So despite last night's performance we gotta find some positives, otherwise these next 2 months are going to be maddening. Any positive buzz in the city generated from the Phillies run is going to be flushed right down the toilet.

The Eagles sit at 5-4. Despite occupying the basement of the NFC East, the Eagles find themselves only a game back of the conference's final playoff spot. Have the Eagles dug themselves a hole with their 0-3 division and 4-4 conference record? No doubt, but it is not an insurmountable deficit.

Thankfully for the Eagles the teams ahead of them in the playoff picture are still on the upcoming schedule. Arizona, Dallas, and the Redskins. Can the Eagles beat these teams? Based on what we saw last night it could be difficult, but parity rules and there is always the "any given Sunday" theory!

Despite the criticism that Reid is receiving today, I think in the end he deserves to play-out the next 2 months. His November / December record proves that he is the man this time of year. Could he be losing his magic, has the league figured him out...the next 7 weeks will give us the answer.

So despite being royally ticked off today, I am not ready to give up on the season. I love the Eagles too much to think that our season is over in November. There are still positive things that make me believe that this team can still contend even if those things are currently being overshadowed by last night's blunders.

7 weeks to go. Can the Eagles go 6-1 or 5-2? Call it stupid or foolish optimism, but I think they can. If not, well even us die-hards will finally need to come to the realization that this team, this coaching regime might have finally run their course.

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