Sunday, November 9, 2008

It Is A Must Win

Some of the local media is insisting that today's Giants game isn't a must win for the Eagles. As long as the Eagles make the game competitive the Eagles will be fine. The Eagles will still be in the mix for a wild card berth if they suffer defeat today.

Yes there is some truth to the above argument, but in the end I would disagree. Today is a must win game for the Eagles. When is the last time that the Eagles won a national, prime time game? I believe the count is up to about 8 games. Regardless of the exact count, it's been a LONG time. You know why, because these prime-time games are usually against the elite teams of the NFL. For the Eagles to be considered elite they need to start beating these type of opponents.

And just being competitive is absolute BS. Since when did the Eagles, the city, the fans become content with just giving the G-Men a good game. Before it was being satisfied with the Eagles just making the playoffs. Aren't the Eagles supposed to be the Gold Standard? Hasn't the recent success of the Phillies shown that Philly fans will only be satisfied with titles. Screw the good games and the playoffs!

So enough with the talk that tonight isn't a must-win game. That is the talk of losers. Lurie told us that this is pedal to the metal. Each year going into the season the Eagle fan expects that this is the year. 2008 still has that possibility. We just can't be entertaining those thoughts with a 5-4 record.

Eagles 20 Giants 10

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