Sunday, November 23, 2008

It Only Gets Worse

It's the start of the game and the camera catches McNabb yawning on the sideline. Is it that Donovan can't get psyched for the game or maybe he is a little tired? No worries, here's an early 32nd birthday present. A nice comfortable seat on the bench to watch a a coaching nightmare.

Donovan got the chance to see what we fans see every Sunday. We have always wondered whether it was the coach or the QB? Now we know, it was the coach who is killed the season.

Donovan carries a lot of fault for today's debacle, but in the end Andy is the man to blame. Even Reid admitted such during his press conference.

At first we thought that the final exclamation point on the season and the Reid era was the Kolb pick in the end zone. If only the big guy was so lucky. Admitting to the public that you didn't personally tell your QBs of the QB switch during halftime (what a coward!), well that should be all that Lurie needs to end this debacle.

There is no more defending Reid. The angry motivational speeches during the week failed. The benching of players failed. The play calling was atrocious and failed. Personal decisions continue to fail. Reid can no longer fall back on past glories, at this point Reid is a coaching failure.

The end result is a lot of suffering for us Eagle fans. It's not even Thanksgiving and the 2008 season is done. For the 3rd time in 4 seasons a Reid coached and assembled team is going to miss the playoffs. There is no ignoring this fact...the Eagles aren't just a bad team, they are a VERY bad team.

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