Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Gotta Be 1999

I knew today's date was November 16, 2008, but as I watched the game I kept thinking the year was 1999. Watching McNabb's performance today, there is no way the guy is a 10 year veteran. No way a vet makes these mistakes, we have to be back in McNabb's rookie season.

But since we are in 2008, McNabb should use some of his hefty paycheck to buy the D dinner, a new suit, a gold rolex...whatever they want. The D wasn't able to win the game, but they sure kept the Eagles from losing it.

Four turnovers (and could of been more). Inaccurate and tipped passes leading to numerous 3 and outs. Bone-headed clock management. McNabb was the Bengals greatest asset today. Maybe knowing he was helping his buddy Chad was the reason McNabb was smiling in OT.

There is no babying McNabb today. McNabb always screams that he wants to be the man, wants to shoulder the load, that this is his team. McNabb was given that chance today (58 pass attempts) and against the 1 win Bengals, the best he could manage was a tie. I don't care about past accomplishments, today he was pathetic!

So how does one factor a tie into the Eagles playoff picture? Easy. There will be no playoffs for the Eagles, so it doesn't matter. Best part of today, we are now one day closer to pitchers and catchers reporting...90 days.

Is today's performance a shocker? Not if you been watching the Eagles this season. The same problems again doomed the Eagles offense. 0-3 on 3rd and 1. Too heavily dependent on the pass. Drops by the WRs. Entering the 2nd quarter without a first down. McNabb's maddening play, but still he smiles. Playcalling that is only tricky to themselves. And on and on.

A tie. And since McNabb doesn't know what a tie is, here's a clue. It means your season is dead!

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colonel said...

Not just 90 days until Pitchers and Catchers report....90 days until the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies Pitchers and Catchers report....and that World Champion is something we are never going to hear associated with this Eagles team!!